Why It’s Important For A Law Firm To Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

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When you think of businesses that need digital marketing, law firms usually don’t pop into your head right away, but you’d be surprised to realize that they may be in desperate need of a good marketing strategy. The legal profession is one of the oldest in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be focused on the future, which is in digital marketing.



The use of digital marketing has benefitted businesses in every kind of industry, and it’s important that any law firm knows that the best way to retain clients, attract new clients, and build a brand starts with their marketing efforts. You’ve likely seen hundreds of TV ads for law firms or lawyers, the same with billboards on a freeway, graphics on a bus stop bench, and likely on the radio on your morning commute, all of which are important, but digital marketing is the next step. Here is why it’s important for a law firm to have a digital marketing strategy.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy 

The first benefit of digital marketing is the fact that it is very cost-effective. Even though a law firm rakes in some decent money, the need for digital marketing for lawyers doesn’t mean that a budget is something to disregard. It’s always better to save money and digital marketing is able to reach a good audience without having to spend excessive amounts of money. SEO and ads do cost money to incorporate into a strategy, but they’re far from expensive compared to buying a billboard. It’s effective both strategically and in a money sense.

Bigger Reach

A billboard on a highway will get thousands of views in a day, but an ad on a search engine or on social media will attract tens of thousands, possibly more, in a day. The overall scope of digital marketing is so vast that it’s impossible to discount how useful it is. The amount of people that can be reached using digital marketing strategies proves its value time and time again. It makes for a much easier way to drive up traffic on a website and helps build plenty of awareness for a firm in desperate need of attention.

Younger Audience of Potential Clients

It’s not a shocker that young people flock to the internet in droves. Whether it’s social media or online shopping, the younger millennial, and Gen Z demographics are seeing thousands of ads, targeted or not, every time they log in. This is good because a law firm needs to maintain its relevancy as its older clientele move on and a younger generation starts to become the majority. The ability to access this demographic online provides some incredible potential for growth because of the ability to tap into a growing market of potential clients.

Efficient Method of Advertising

Back to the notion of its efficiency, digital marketing makes it much easier for a law firm to get its name out there. All of this work can be done on a laptop or a mobile device and some form of connection. An entire marketing strategy can be devised in the palm of your hand and unveiled in the same way. It takes time to form a good strategy that involves penetration of search engines, social media, algorithms and can generate leads, but the fact is that it’s much easier to present it than it would be to call up and pay for radio spots or buy commercial advertising. This is appealing for big firms and small ones alike.

Expands Operational Potential

Having the ability to expand into the digital territory of marketing also helps the law firm expand its operations in a general sense as well. When a digital marketing strategy is in place, it brings in more traffic to social media, which makes that a viable platform for outreach with clients. It makes a website more useful and used, meaning online consultation is now serviceable. All of the efforts of a strong digital marketing strategy will come back to allow for a firm to become more diverse in their efforts and more robust in their abilities in the digital age.

It makes sense why a trendy hipster bakery would use branding and digital marketing, but so too does a law firm need that same kind of strategy. Law is an old profession that can still greatly benefit from using more contemporary marketing approaches, which is what any firm should be heavily looking into.

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