How Does Virtual Reality Software Work?

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Virtual reality gaming and software have massively developed over the past decade. Prior to this, we saw the idea of virtual reality in futuristic movies and TV shows, but, we had never had the chance to try it ourselves. Clever technology, hardware, and software now allow us to dive into a whole new world without leaving the comfort of our homes. And, the tech is improving day by day; VR worlds are looking more real and feeling more immersive all the time. So, let’s discuss how virtual reality software works and what it’s currently being used for – and why it’s great! 

What Is VR, and How Do They Do It?

The main purpose of virtual reality software is to stimulate the vision into seeing a new reality. Through the use of a headset, your brain needs to be tricked into seeing nothing but this new reality or world. To do this, the headset needs to provide a 100 to 180-degree field of view, ideally 180. Now, this field of view is obviously a screen but needs to feel real. So, it has to have a framerate of a minimum of 60 frames per second and an equally competent refresh rate – the rate at which it can render new images. Finally, to make this feel real – so you don’t just feel like you’re looking at a tiny screen – there need to be some autofocus lenses installed. These can track the movement of the eye so that different parts of your field of vision are in view at different times, making it feel like a real look around. If any of these components aren’t up to scratch, your virtual reality will simply not feel ‘real’ enough. As we said, we’ve come a long way since the old red and blue 3D goggles in the cinema! 

VR Online: Virtual Reality Casinos and Games

So, what’s this tech used for? Well, so far it’s mainly used for gaming and is becoming ever more popular online. To make VR worthwhile, the games need to be quite interactive. Games like Beat Saber, where the player slashes moving rhythmic parts flying towards them in a futuristic world, have become very popular. Due to the interactivity and moving parts, there are also plenty of different types of casino software that have entered the VR world. This makes perfect sense. The dealing of cards, pulling of machine levers, and throwing of dice can all be perfectly replicated in a virtual casino. They have become one of the most popular online virtual reality platforms now, with many of the top gambling sites pouring huge chunks of their profit into VR casino experiences. 


VR Tech For Games

“But how do you play these games with a headset on?” we hear you ask. Well, it’s actually quite simple. Most VR headsets come with two small controllers, one for each hand. These can be simple click pads or multifunction controllers with a variety of buttons. These allow you to grab, swipe, slash, or throw things in your VR world. Without them, the only interactivity comes from the movement of your head and eyes, so they are vitally important if you want to roll the dice in a Vegas casino or throw some basketballs into an arcade hoop. 


There’s other tech that can enhance the VR experience, too. VR surround sound speakers are often used to ‘throw’ noise around your room to give the impression of really being in this virtual space. When you go to the cinema and really feel like the bad guy is creeping up behind you, that feeling is created by awesome surround sound speakers. Now, these little VR gadgets might not be quite as powerful, but trust us, once you’ve got the headset on and the speaker running, you can definitely get lost in your VR game.

Other Uses

Finally, a word about some of the uses of virtual reality outside the online gaming world. VR has been used by the military, coastguard, and other companies to provide real-feel training sessions for staff. It has also been used to allow kids to have remote training sessions, creating the feel of being in class with their peers when times have not allowed them to do so. Speaking of training, sports teams are also using VR to enhance their training methods and coaching styles.


All in all, technology is developing rapidly and changing the way we game, learn, train, and develop. A great technical headset with a couple of controllers and a decent speaker can really transport you to another place. If you haven’t had the chance, we strongly recommend giving VR gaming – or training – a go.


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