IFS ERP and Solidworks Systems: What You Should Know

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IFS applications are cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that help with the integration of data for business along with several other things. In general, IFS works to help manufacturers operate seamlessly across the many different forms of manufacturing that they are going to be undertaking. The one issue however is that there have been so many applications added into the system that sorting methods are now needed to make the process easier. Here is what you should know about IFS ERP and Solidworks Systems and how integrating them together can help your manufacturing business out.

Easy To Use

The first thing that you need to know about these three systems is that they are not too difficult to use. When they were created, they were created with the standard worker and manufacturer in mind. This means that they elected for an easy to use platform that has a ton of different layers if you take the time to learn what the program does. They are also extremely easy to deploy onto your own systems and can be manipulated in a way that allows them to do exactly what you want.

As mentioned above, while they are easy to use, what makes them difficult is the fact that they are all separate systems. Having to switch between these three systems at the same time can make things complicated and can greatly slow down your processes. This is where integration of IFS ERP and Solidworks systems is extremely important. There are tools out there that can integrate all of these programs together and allow you to use them seamlessly. This makes it very easy to complete all of your projects and does not take much further learning to use. When it comes to computer work, you want everything to be as simple and as easy as possible as you chose to work in manufacturing not computer engineering. Having one central platform that can integrate all of these systems together can make work that much easier for you and your employees.

Transferring Data Between Them

Oftentimes you are going to have to be transferring information from the engineering page over to the bill of materials. For large scale projects, this can take up a large portion of the time and be extremely inefficient. One of the things that you can look to do instead is to have this process integrated between all three systems. Once again, there are plenty of services that will not only integrate these three together, but then transfer all the information over to one another. This means that while you are in the engineering stages of your project, a bill of materials is already being generated for the manufacturing team. Having this process automated can not only save you money, but it can result in your workers being able to complete much more work throughout the day. Data transfer between programs can be annoying and tedious as it is just a lot of copy pasting. Save that type of work for an automated program and instead have your specialists focus on more difficult tasks.

Easily Organize Roles

When it comes to undergoing projects and completing work, another difficulty lies in assigning teams to complete the work and informing them of the projects that they are on. With these systems in place, assigning people to projects and roles has never been easier. All you need to do is drag and drop their name onto a project and you are good to go. They will be informed via notifications to the program itself and by email what their work is. How does this help you? Having everything centralized means you can easily contact a team working on a project and provide them with updates as they come in. 

Normally you would have to spend time fishing for emails and contact information or attempt to schedule a meeting. With programs like this, everything can be done in realtime and done quickly meaning your workers will know of changes right as they come up. If you are finding difficulties in assigning people to projects at work and finding out who is working on what, you might want some software that can help organize all of that for you.

An Easy Way to Design

Using a program like Solidworks will make your engineering and design stages go by that much smoother. A program like that offers the ability to work in both 3D and 2D Cad while also being able to design electrical solutions as well. Utilizing this software to its fullest will allow you to create exactly what you are wanting in ways that are easy for others to see and conceptualize. 

One of the biggest benefits to a program like this is that it can allow for collaboration across multiple CAD environments. If you have multiple teams working on the same product for design, they will be able to see each other’s work and go from there. Having the ability to collaborate on a project and work on it at the same time will make life easier for everyone who is involved. If you integrate Solidworks with the other systems, you can easily transfer all of this design over to the manufacturing stage for the next team to look at. Having the ability to easily create your design in several different dimensions while also designing the electrical portions of it will help your engineering team create what they are visualizing.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you get by using IFS ERP and Solidworks Systems. While these products work great separately, you can get the most out of them by integrating them into your company through the use of further software. Once they are integrated, you will easily be able to move data from one to the other and save a lot of overhead time. The more time that you can spend on projects, the better your company is going to do. Take the time to look at these types of software and spend some time learning it. How do you plan on using all of this software to help out your company?

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