Qualities to Look For in a Password Manager

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The benefit of having a password manager can hardly be overstated. Taking into consideration that you might have different login credentials primarily online, it might be hard to keep track of all your passwords, and this is where a password manager comes in handy. 

Furthermore, it’s a known fact that internet users are likely to be victims of cybercrime – a targeted hack on an internet user can compromise his/her passwords, making that user’s data vulnerable, in hindsight, this is all the more reason people take the use of a password manager seriously. 

Why Is Password Manager Important

A password manager is very important, and here’s why; in all honesty, it’s common for people to use a password like 123456, but this isn’t a good password, this is why online security pros at All Things Secured recommend you use a suitable password manager for generating hard to guess passwords because it’s super easy for someone to crack an easy password and access your account or data. So creating or generating a strong password is very important. 

Sometimes we tend to use different passwords for different sites, and it might be hard to remember all of them, a password manager, not only stores your different passwords but also stores your login details to various websites automatically. And this is super helpful because whenever you wish to log in you don’t have to type in your password over and over again. The benefits of a password manager are;

You can easily generate stronger passwords with a password manager and by doing this, it’s hard for people to easily know your passwords. Why not? Passwords are secrets.

Using a password manager enables you to login easily, because a password manager stores your login credentials, thus making it easy for you to log in. 

You don’t always have to remember your passwords every time you need them, all of your passwords are stored in a password manager.

Using a password manager for your personal use or business, is a way of securing your account or systems from cybercriminals, who just gave one plan; damages. 

Qualities To Look For In A Password Manager

Now we know how beneficial password managers are, it’s good you know the qualities to look out for, when you want to choose a new password manager for use – either for your personal use or for your business. 

Choose A Password Manager With Multi-factor Authentication.

MFA or Multi-factor Authentication requires users to log in to their accounts or systems using their password and a secondary means of authentication and this makes your account very secure. How this works is that, after a user logs in, there’s a need for the user to use an authentication app to generate a one-time password or unique code to log in. This secondary method of authentication is usually connected to the user’s email or device. 

In hindsight, using a password manager with MFA is very important because it has an extra layer of security, making your account and systems secure. User login in password management is normally vulnerable to account compromisation even if you use a password that’s hard to guess, it’s still not safe until you use the second layer of security which is MFA. 

Encryption Capability 

It’s good a password manager can encrypt your data, storing your login credentials on a password manager is simply not enough, let’s say you lost your device, and your login credentials aren’t encrypted, it’ll be very easy for anyone to access your login details. 

More so, if a password manager has an end-to-end encryption feature, the password manager provider, won’t even have any form of access to your login credential. Even if anyone tries to decrypt your login data, it would be impossible to, because an authentication key has to be provided, and only the user has access to that key, factoring all of these, it’s safe to say your passwords are utterly secured. 

Easy To Use

A good password manager should be easy for the user to use or operate, if a password manager is hard to use or operate, even for basic operations like keeping a password safe, it’ll be neglected for an easy to use password manager, even if it has lesser features or functions. 

Password Generation 

A password isn’t a password if it’s easy to guess, and sometimes creating the perfect password that’s easy to guess can be time-consuming or hard, this is all the more reason a password manager should have an inbuilt password generator to generate hard to guess passwords instantly. A good password should be very complex, and a good password manager usually has an inbuilt password generator for generating hard passwords.

Another key quality to look out for in a password manager are role-based permissions, and this is important for businesses or companies who store all of their company or business passwords on a single password management account. 

If a password manager doesn’t have role-based permissions, anyone in the company can have access to all passwords. But with role-based permissions, it’s possible to choose a select number of people in the company who’ll have access to the company’s password and thus keeps all passwords safe. 

These are the major qualities to look out for when choosing or selecting a password manager. 


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