Top 5 Destinations in the US for Influencer Photoshoots

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Traveling is a big part of every influencer’s life. Many tastemakers are willing to take long flights and spend hours at border crossings to find this one perfect insta-worthy shot. Sometimes, they travel hundreds of miles to take a photo and immediately head off to another location. If you are an influencer yourself and live in the United States, we would like to present you with a much better option.


The United States of America is a massive country with lots of beautiful sites you should see. Do not leave the benefits of exploring this magnificent region to other bloggers. Instead, follow our advice and get ready to discover wonderful places in the US.


In this article, you will find five destinations you should add to your traveling schedule after the COVID-19 restrictions are gone. If you wish to gain more followers on your every Instagram post, check our list:


The Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


The Sea Pines Resort is a photogenic place full of attractions. Its architecture, hugely influenced by the Japanese style, perfectly blends in with nature to create picturesque sceneries. In fact, after spending some time there, you might never want to leave. If that is the case, you can look for home estate agents to find the right property for you. For example, The Pattisall Group from Hilton Head Island has ocean-oriented homes for sale in this location.


If you are a fan of sandy beaches and water sports, you will feel right at home at the Sea Pines Resort. Take some excellent pictures of the sunset at the beach for your Instagram and enjoy your growing influencer fame.


The Museum of Neon Art, Glendale, California


Many fashion trends from the 90s are making a big comeback. And neons are not an exception. If you love neons, head over to the Museum of Neon Art (MONA) in Glendale. There you will be able to get a few amazing shots for your Instagram and learn something interesting.


MONA is the only museum on earth dedicated exclusively to electric media. Multiple events and exhibits are held there every year. It is a perfect spot if you want to add more unique vibes to your shots. A pic of you with a neon sign in the background is bound to bring you more followers.


The Empire State Building, New York, New York


The views from the Empire State Building every day attract many tourists from around the world. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the Big Apple.


When you put a picture on Facebook from the viewing decks located at the top of the complex, you can quickly gain a lot of attention. Use this opportunity well, and your post should skyrocket in no time.


North Avenue Beach, Chicago, Illinois


Every summer, North Avenue Beach is bustling with visitors. People come to this spot to spend their free time closer to nature and look at the Windy City from a distance. A beach house it features, decked out in a crisp blue and white, boasts one of the best views you can imagine, including famous landmarks like the Ferris Wheel of Navy Pier and the John Hancock Center.


Make a trip to Chicago, and you will not regret it. The photos from there will let everyone know how cool your vacation was and earn you more followers.


The Las Vegas Arts District, Las Vegas, Nevada


This approximate 18-block neighborhood is full of photo opportunities around every corner. Giant murals, flashing lights, and art installations you can find there can make every social media post instantly better.


Even when you do not know much about photography, you can leave Las Vegas with a vast collection of stunning photos. The beautiful design characteristics of contemporary commercial architecture provide incredible scenery for everyone willing to explore this district.


With projecting canopies, angled shop fronts, and many antique shops and restaurants on every street, you can get multiple nice pictures of the city. If you wish to see some incredible architecture and experience an unforgettable adventure, drop by the city of Las Vegas.


The Bottom Line


Now you know what the top places you should visit in the United States are. With the coronavirus pandemic nearing its end (hopefully), you can already start planning your next trip. Think about what luxury hotel you would like to stay in and what places you would like to visit from our list.


Remember that every place we mentioned is an exceptional choice for an influencer. No matter old or new, they all are well-known for their unbeatable scenery.


And make sure you always keep your safety as a priority during your travels, and with every picture of a welcome sign you collect, you should have no trouble finding some of the Instagram fame. Do what you love and have fun perpetuating one fantastic view after another. Good luck!

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