What Business Tasks Should You Be Automating, And Why?

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Automation is no longer a foreign concept to businesses. Owners who want to save time and money turn to virtual assistants and remote accounting apps to limit their exposure. The resources they save they can put back into the company to strengthen it, making it a solid strategy.

However, there is a skill to automation. Picking jobs at random will do more harm than good, which is why it’s essential to understand the reasoning behind outsourcing to a third-party, whether they are virtual solutions or traditional ones. After all, you will have been the victim of poor automation – the “sorry I missed you!” emails – so you know it’s a turn-off.

On the flip side, if you get it right, you could be among the 80% of top companies that have used automation for more than two years to excellent effect. That’s why, on average, Email Monday reports that more than half of firms are currently using some form of marketing automation within their business plan.

Choosing in today’s saturated marketplace is never easy, even though some tasks stand out like a sore thumb. Still, you can rest easy knowing that targeting the following will stand your business in good stead in the future.


Bosses often think of leads as generating interest in products and services. This is true, yet it’s the follow-up process that’s even more important to a growing organization. Without it, you can undo all your hard work by letting interested customers and clients slip through the net.

Unfortunately, you’ll be massively overwhelmed if every person who contacted you due to a follow-up email or phone call decided to get in touch with you directly. Unless you have the money to hire a crack team of customer service agents, the flooded lines will ring off the hook. If this happens and you don’t respond within thirty minutes, Lead Response Management says the odds of converting a qualified lead reduce by 21 times.

Half of an hour is all it takes to lose potential customers. Automation changes this because it responds to inquiries almost instantly. All people have to do is fill out a short form and the software will do the rest. Plus, you can alter the text to avoid the premeditated reply sounding depersonalized.

Yes, you must remember to follow-up properly to ram home the advantage. Still, showing leads you haven’t forgotten about them and will get around to them shortly is usually enough to keep them on board for a little while longer.

Phone Chase

Phone chase is when you ring customers and clients and they aren’t able to answer, so you leave a message. The recipient receives the voicemail and calls back, but alas, you’re not around this time. Sometimes, the chase can go on for days before you schedule an acceptable time for both parties.

That’s the best-case scenario. The worst-case is that you give up because you can’t be bothered playing remote tag, or you forget whose turn it is to chase the other person up. Automation presents a simple and effective way of ending the drama as services like The Perfect Answer will take the call when you can’t. That way, people get to speak to a real-life person and feel as if their needs are being met.

Alternatively, a piece of software is capable of sending an email notification to the person you have attempted to contact. It also makes a note for you to try them again at a later date, one you can specify. No games are required, which means zero leads are lost. Everyone’s a winner!

Welcoming New Clients

A relationship with a customer is similar to personal relationships in some regards. For example, you want it to be healthy and long-lasting, not a flash in the pan. Loyal shoppers are more lucrative and less hassle than constantly recruiting consumers, so it’s better to be efficient with your time and money.

This means you need to invest in people after the sales process is over because you want to sell to them again. To do this, it’s smart to keep them in your thoughts as nothing is better received than added value. Promotions and offers are the kings since people love freebies, yet you can use automated messages to your advantage too.

An email series is an email blast that regularly arrives in peoples’ inboxes for weeks after they have made a purchase. Not only does it remind them of the brand, but it also highlights sales they might want to take advantage of. Another option is to send a gift, such as brand merchandise, for the same reasons.

You might think this strategy is the same as other techniques; however, the stats prove otherwise. An Experian survey shows that welcome emails are opened almost 60% of the time. Standard emails, on the other hand, have an open rate of 15% to 20%.

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When we said selling to a customer again is easier than finding new customers, it wasn’t a lie. According to Econsultancy, the probability stands at anywhere between 60% and 70%, which is pretty big in the grand scheme of things. It’s an increase of around 50% compared to newbies, for instance.

Still, there are no guarantees when it comes to online trading. People often abandon shopping carts and leave without converting, and it’s unhealthy for businesses. You need to boost the experience, but that’s another topic for another day.

Instead, you can concentrate on reminding them what they nearly bought in the hopes it will encourage them to return and finish what they started. A gentle reminder is very powerful. Of course, you can remind people of their requirements based on what they purchased.

For example, anyone who buys a month’s worth of stock will probably need the same amount or more thirty days later. By setting up your automated email service to point this out to them after fifteen or twenty days, you can proactively secure custom based on their habits.

There are several areas you can automate, yet these are the most important because they are easy to deal with and take care of themselves, and they have a big impact on customers.

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