Why Can’t You Find The Right Person To Write Your Business Content?

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Originally finding its footing with Benjamin Franklin back in 1739 (yes, really,) content marketing failed to find its legs due to expensive and long-winded printing costs that left it falling out of favour entirely in the 40s and 50s. Now, though, with the ability to publish-on-demand and enjoy immediate readerships, Franklin’s legacy looks like it’s finally here to stay. 

In fact, content marketing in all of its forms (blogging, press releases, email newsletters, etc. etc.) has been rising up the ranks in recent years to become one of the most sought after marketing focuses. This sensation is taking the business world so very much by storm that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, leaders in this field experience an astounding 7.8 times more traffic. And, as the need for accessible, informative business connections grows ever-stronger, that figure is only set to increase. 

This is great news in so many ways, allowing businesses to finally put power back in their own hands for marketing that needn’t cost the earth. Unfortunately, even now, many business owners make significant mistakes where modern content is concerned, especially those that treat it like a side hustle rather than a pressing and worthy undertaking. 

If you’re one of them, this alone could leave your content falling just as out of favour as it did back in the 50s, only this time, your business rather than an entire marketing subsect is starting to feel the sting. 

To overcome these setbacks, you need to quickly consider what exactly is holding your content back. In many cases, it may be that you simply haven’t found the right person for the job due to a range of mistakes, some of which we’re going to highlight here. 

You don’t have a dedicated content person/team

Hands up if you’ve been putting content on the shoulders of an already overworked, and frankly ill-experienced workforce? 

You wouldn’t be alone, with countless companies assuming that existing employees, often those without any real content experience, will be able to cram the odd blog post into an already busy day. Content marketing is supposed to be quick, after all, and you may assume that there’s nothing wrong with this approach. 

Unfortunately, there are two pressing issues that you’ll soon face if you don’t change this attitude –

  1. Your teams will be too busy to put time and effort into quality content which, by the way, means that any posts they do achieve will likely fail to impress
  2. This insufficient content plan could ultimately prevent you from seeking the dedicated, expert writers that you very much need on your team

The solution? It’s past time that you stopped treating content as an afterthought, and instead invested money in a content-specific team that can dedicate time, and knowledge, to this undertaking. If in doubt that there’s enough work to justify this, consider that content writing now stretches across everything from blogging through to web page content and beyond. In other words, if you’re planning content right, there should be more than enough to keep even full-time dedicated professionals busy. 

You’re focusing on business know-how rather than writing skills

In some ways, this point touches on the content experience that we mentioned above, but it’s so important that it’s worth a section of its own. After all, assuming that business know-how should dictate content decisions is perhaps the most commonly made mistake of all, and is often behind those embarrassing spelling mistakes or shoddy sentences that see content altogether shooting its creators in the foot. 

The fact is that, while you can provide spreadsheets, statistics, and general guidelines that cover all the ‘business’ stuff, you can’t quickly teach good grammar and creative writing to a business team that’s always worked with logic at the helm. 

Instead, it’s worth seeking expert writers, even those with limited experience in your specific field, who can turn information into narratives, and who can do so with guaranteed good grammar at all times. After all, a good story with a compelling title that’s spelled right is going to increase your click rate no end. Not to mention that a well-written, creative article about any subject of your choice is sure to garner more shares which, as discussed in FATJOE’s guide on backlinks is a large part of what content aims to achieve. By comparison, the stilted, solely fact-based articles produced by non-writers that are already in your ranks would soon see content falling as flat as a poorly-flipped pancake. 

You’ve ruled out freelancers

Freelance content writers are huge news in the marketing world right now and, if you’re failing to make the most of them, then it’s no surprise that the ideal fit remains so very out of reach.

Admittedly, in-house writers can still work out, but often, the range of content necessary for overarching success means that you’re going to require very different skill sets. There are, of course, content experts that can do it all, but they often command very high prices, and their skills in each area aren’t always quite up to scratch. 

By comparison, freelance content creation is the epitome of doing more with less, allowing you to tailor a team of affordable, per-job creators who each harness different skills. What’s more, freelancers make it possible to do all of this without blowing an already-stretched marketing budget on the cause. 

Of course, before you can enjoy the benefits that freelancers bring, you first need to consider how you can find them. Luckily, there are now some fantastic sites solely dedicated to this cause, including –

  • LinkedIn Profinder
  • Contently
  • ProBlogger Job Board
  • Scripted
  • Writer Access

If you aren’t fussy about working with the same writers time and again, there are also plenty of companies out there who act as go-betweens for freelancers and companies to ensure smooth interactions and a hiring process that’s a whole lot easier for discovering what you want during your first few tries. 

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you always ask for content samples ahead of time so that you can be sure you’re following the ideal path for the content quality that you’ve been imagining.

You don’t know what you want

Following on nicely from that last point, failing to narrow down on what exactly you want from content is another significant setback that can prevent your team from achieving the finished products you’re after, even if you have an in-house professional working alongside you to make it happen. 

Of course, the need to narrow down on your desires is nothing new, and you’ve probably been doing exactly this with regards to your other marketing pushes for a while now. But, content is a (relatively) new contender in this modern landscape, making it much harder to perfect. 

The trouble is that, if you don’t know what you want then you’re likely to give mixed briefs and develop washy content efforts that, in extreme cases, will see the best content talent turning away in place of clients who have got their act together a little more. 

To avoid that and keep the best writers in your corner, you need to know what you expect from your content before anyone else comes on board. To achieve this, don’t be afraid to research what your competitors are doing, which of their articles seem to be garnering the best results, and how exactly they’re framing their products organically to avoid that dreaded ‘spammy’ feel. 

Note, too, that while you need to know the overall goal of your content, you can also trust your dedicated experts with a lot of the technicalities. So, instead of developing specific article titles or outlines, focus on more generalised priorities, and the mediums that would be best suited to make those possible. 

A final word

Content, in all its forms, is marketing gold at the moment, and you need to make sure that you have plenty in the bank if you’re going to keep your business afloat in this ever-changing, customer-led landscape. 

The good news is that despite your journey so far, content creation really is as simple as it claims to be. At least, it can be when you finally have the right writers to turn to. To sum up, achieving that goal is as simple as –

  1. Investing in a dedicated content writer
  2. Highlighting writing skills above unnecessary business know-how
  3. Accepting that freelancers could be the way forward
  4. Narrowing down on a content strategy that your writers can understand

Admittedly, even the best content writers in the world aren’t mind readers, and the chances are that you’ll always want to skim read content before it goes out into the world. Most often, though, taking care of the points mentioned means that you should be able to get by with minimal edits, allowing you to get on with other things at last.

In fact, quality content writers can prove so invaluable that they might even bring ideas for future articles to your table. And, when that happens, you can finally rest easy that you’re doing content right at last.

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