Young SEO Analyst? Here’s 5 Ways to Win Business

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The SEO specialist market has recently been flooded by a new glut of freelancers. So it can be really tough to convince new clients that you’re the one they need to supercharge their search engine optimization and bolster their business metrics.

Want to know how you can convince businesses to hire you for your SEO skills? Here are five ways to win their hearts and minds.

Use Written Contracts – They’re Professional and Safe

For starters, always use a written SEO contract that describes your deliverables (what you’ll actually provide to the client), your price, and the agreed-upon timetable. Never rely on a verbal agreement since words can be disputed later.

Any clients worth your time and effort will appreciate the professionalism and legal security that a written contract provides. They should be happy to sign on the dotted line after seeing how committed you are to doing things by the book. 

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle – Use Your Network!

Getting new clients as a fresh freelancer in any industry is tough. Get out there and hustle! Always be looking for new clients. Any clients you do draw the attention of will see your vigor and determination to succeed: two major things that can help you stand out from the competition.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to use your social media or professional network. Chances are most people you know have a website or some aspect of online business that could do with some tweaking. Offer an excellent SEO strategy for their business and see if they hire you!


Leverage Social Media Advertising

Want to know what convinces website owners and business executives of SEO’s value? Seeing it in person for themselves. Make some killer social media ads and get them out there.

Any potential client who sees your high-quality SEO in action with your own advertisements will know you can get the job done. It’s one of the best ways to show rather than tell someone your value.

Use Client Testimonials

If you want to be a freelancer SEO specialist, you’ll need a good website to advertise your talent and provide some contact channels for future clients. Build up a portfolio or page of client testimonials that you can use to showcase your previous successes.

New clients are hesitant to hire someone who seems to be unproven. But someone who has several happy client testimonies to show for their work will seem like a much better bet.

Don’t Guarantee a #1 Spot – Educate Your Client Instead

You’ve made it to an interview or are engaging with a potential client. One of the most common things you’ll encounter as an SEO freelancer is a tendency for potential clients to ask, “Can you guarantee me a number one spot for target keywords?”

Maybe you can… but maybe not. You should never fall into the trap of guaranteeing this for your client, especially since many business owners don’t know the intricacies of this industry.

Be honest to your client and explain all the factors that go into keyword ranking, as well as topics such as SEO vs SEM – many online entrepreneurs don’t know which is which. Be specific in how you can affect their business goals and improve their current SEO results. Any good client to work with will appreciate the education and have reasonable expectations, to boot.

But what if your potential client tunes out and claims they can find better elsewhere? Then move on. Chances are that someone looking for a perfect #1 ranking each time with competitive keywords is never going to be satisfied.


All in all, it’ll take some time, effort, and even some mistakes to master your freelance SEO efforts. But with the right strategies and the tips above, you’ll be well-equipped to get some new clients ASAP and start building your portfolio for future business success! Good luck!

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