3 Best Platforms to Promote Your Business in 2021

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Promoting a business requires both a good game plan and innovation. One needs to know the right platforms and how to operate them. That way, the business is able to reach as many people as possible. It may seem overwhelming, however, the importance of online business promotion cannot be overstated. 


Most businesses with a successful history in online marketing make use of social media. Social media platforms are so powerful that 97% of marketers do their marketing on these platforms. Also, about 78% of marketing specialists manage to beat their competition by utilizing social media for their campaign.


One should also note that the benefits of online business promotion extend far beyond boosting sales. It’s a tactic that can be utilized to foster brand loyalty and build a brand’s image. 


However, not all businesses are aware of the best platforms to use when promoting themselves. 

Below are some of the best ones to consider when trying to promote a business. 


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Facebook is the world’s most sought-after social media platform and one of the top-frequently visited sites on the globe. It is used by a range of people, from college students posting “rewrite my essay on EssayPro” to the presidents announcing the discovery of a new COVID-19 vaccine. So, Facebook is more than just a social network. 


Today, having a profile on Facebook is non-negotiable for any business. Successful brands that use it know how to curate and craft content that appeals to the target audience. There are several tools for business promotion on Facebook that, if utilized in full, may help a business to maximize its reach. 


From its robust marketing options to groups, the platform has a lot of tools businesses can and must utilize. A substantial Facebook presence will significantly assist as far as engaging the potential customers is concerned. 


Businesses with a well-crafted and interactive Facebook page have a better shot at success.

In the description section, it’s very important to describe exactly what you do. This way, the audience will know precisely why they should get in touch with your business. Otherwise, there is a risk of coming across as outdated at best or even shady. 


There are a lot of ways to promote a business using Facebook. It takes some extensive research and a few trials to know what methods work best for a company. 


The first and easiest step to start would be to set up a page for the business. It is more or less like a standard profile, but it’s meant for businesses. The people interested in a particular business will then like or follow its page to see posts and updates.


After creating the page, a business needs to post as frequently as it can. At least once a day. The target audience needs to feel that they know the business and can get in touch anytime and respond. A business cannot achieve that by posting twice a year. 


source: https://unsplash.com/photos/yktK2qaiVHI


Below are the other ways to properly utilize Facebook to promote a brand:

  • Engage the followers – respond to comments on posts, questions and concerns as fast as they come.
  • Leveraging the friends – people will most likely go for businesses that their friends are familiar with.
  • Try paid ads ads look like regular posts, but they are highly targeted, and a business can reach a bigger audience.
  • Creating amazing content for followers – a business should post informative and brand-relevant content. That will help to keep followers engaged and interested.
  • Use all features – lives, stories, video, groups, chat rooms.


Instagram has enjoyed a lot of success and growth over the years. Within a few months of its launch, the platform managed to amass several millions of subscribers. That number keeps growing, which makes the platform one of the most suitable means to promote a business. 


The platform initially started as a photo-sharing network, and that remains at the core of its functionality. However, a lot of other features have been integrated. For instance, now, it has video features known as stories. 


For businesses interested in showing their products, values, and voice rather than telling, Instagram is a perfect choice. As one can imagine, that implies Instagram is an excellent platform for creating leads.


Below are some of the advantages of Instagram over other platforms:

  • It has a highly appealing visual aspect.
  • It is more popular with the younger generation.
  • It has the mobile version.


To enjoy success on Instagram, it is essential to run some market research to ensure the target audience is on Instagram. A business should also create a consistent posting schedule and try as much as possible to post photos that are engaging and relevant to the brand.


Twitter is also among the top platforms that a business can use to get the word out there. From the get-go, the platform had an excellent marketing tactic. The character limit ensures that everyone has a voice, but there is no clutter and unnecessarily long winding posts. 


A lot of businesses, politicians, and popular figures use Twitter to share stories or humorous notes every day. To properly monetize Twitter, a business has to stand out from the competition and consistently engage with its target audience. It is also crucial to keep adding valuable content in all the tweets that are shared. 

Bottom Line

Just like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also have paid ad options that allow businesses to target their messages to a specific audience. These features make it easier for businesses to reach the audience they need and turn them into customers. There’s no single response to the question of which platform is the best. It all depends on the target audience and the product . 


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