6 Marketing Apps For B2B Startup Companies

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As a B2B startup you’ll need plenty of marketing support. Luckily there are so many tools which simplify the marketing process, helping you take your business to new heights. For a few great ideas to start you off, have a look at these five marketing apps.

  1. Unbounce 

Unbounce is an excellent piece of conversion optimization software. Using the tool you can design and test your landing pages, before they go live. Unbounce can help you to improve your customer experience. There are plenty of features to take advantage of including A/B testing, data in real time, account transferring, I.P filters, and campaign grouping. Unbounce can also help you with the design processes, here you’ll find lots of features and templates, to create attractive landing pages.

  1. LeadFeeder

LeadFeeder is a tool that helps salespeople and B2B marketers to identify their web visitors. The software tells you which businesses have visited your site, (regardless of whether they fill in a form or get in touch). The LeadFeeder tool can provide you with info such as the pages looked at, where the visitor came from, and the main details about their company.

3 . Zapier

Zapier is a tool which allows businesses to connect all of the apps they use. With the help of Zapier, it’s simple to automate workflows, and boost productivity. Zapier makes it easy to transfer info between web apps. No matter which marketing tools you use, Zapier can help you to integrate them, saving you plenty of time. One of the best things about Zapier is that you don’t need any coding skills. To improve your B2B marketing campaigns this year, Zapier is the tool you need.

  1. Outfunnel 

Outfunnel is a type of marketing automation software, it features powerful CRM integrations, taking your biz to the next level. You can use Outfunnel to send individual emails or drip campaigns, and then link the data to a CRM. The software also features lead scoring and web tracking, to support your sales processes. Using the software you can:

  • Share data between your marketing tools and CRM system.
  • Automatically share sales data with marketing.
  • Works with Hubspot CRM and PipeDrive.
  1. Moz

Moz is a great tool to support B2B companies with creating content, researching keywords and accessing analytics. Using Moz you can track your keywords, analyze backlinks, and even audit your site. With Moz you’ll benefit from a lot of excellent features including competitive analysis, keyword difficulty, and rank tracking. You can also get involved with an SEO community and training webinars. 

6. SqueezeCMM

SqueezeCMM has been called “bitly on steroids” and enables a link based system for labelling and measuring the data generated by content assets. The company also helps build new anonymous audiences from first party data only based on content consumption insights. Struggling to make sense of content marketing performance? squeezecmm.com can help!

Starting your own business

Startup companies need all the marketing tools they can get to stand out in a crowded market place. If you want to run your own business, but you’re concerned with getting it off the ground, you might consider a franchise? The great thing about a franchise is that the business already has an established reputation. For an exciting franchise opportunity take a look at the Best Estate Sales Franchise.


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