How to Collaborate Better With Your Channel Partners to Drive More Sales

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Effective collaboration with channel partners is a goal which all sales teams should have, yet without suitable strategies in place, you may struggle to achieve this.

If you are in this situation, staring down the barrel of stagnant sales and eager to make a change, here are a few tips which should help to improve your ability to collaborate with channel partners and catalyze conversions as a result.

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Provide achievement unlocks and leaderboards to motivate channel partners

Gamification is an impactful tactic for encouraging increased engagement and enthusiasm amongst channel partners, and the implementation of leaderboards in addition to an achievements system can make a major difference in this respect.

Performing well under channel partner enablement conditions is all about successfully managing your relationships with these partners and prompting them to increase their loyalty to your brand in one fell swoop, so it is not just about short term sales gains.

Use social media to keep your ear to the ground

While it may seem obvious that asking channel partners to provide input and feedback on your sales strategies and marketing opportunities is a good way to glean new insights that would otherwise be unavailable to you, this is not the only route to take.

In fact, you may find out a lot more about not just the perks and pitfalls of selling your brand, but also how it is perceived and what questions are being asked about it, by making sure to stay in the loop with relevant communities on social media.

The vast majority of channel partners will be active on top social platforms, so you should be too; and in doing so, you should learn lots of valuable lessons.

Be consistent

The effort required to create a consistent, cohesive plan to manage channel partner relationships may be significant, but it will be worthwhile in the long run, as taking a unified approach to collaboration across the board will let you base all of your decisions and actions on the same, solid underlying framework.

In turn this can also help you determine which partners are most appropriate to work with, and which might not be quite the right fit, which can streamline the vetting process and save you time and money.

Share promotional responsibilities

Working closely with channel partners will always be instructive for all parties involved, so avoid the temptation to leave all of the selling down to them, especially if they are the ones coming to you with the latest and greatest opportunity to reach new audiences, whether that might be a trade show or some other event that is suitable for your brand.

In short, no channel partner relationship should be treated as if it is in a vacuum, but should rather be contextualized in the broader sales operations of your organization, so that it can be mutually beneficial and informative, while allowing you to boost your sales figures as efficiently as possible.

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