SEO: Simple Tips to Grow Traffic for Your Start-up’s Website

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Search engine optimisation may sound simple in concept, but it is a lot trickier in execution than people realise. And it can be a challenging task, especially for start-up businesses. After all, as a new business, it is unlikely that you’ll have a lot of financial resources to work with, and you’ll need to build traction quickly before the allocated budget runs out. It is for this reason that many usually try to cut corners, hoping that the shortcuts they take bring them to the desired search rankings faster than they would have otherwise, only to get penalised later on.

The good news is that you can get the results that you want without spending a considerable amount of time, effort, or money in the process. In this piece, we’ve listed down a few simple tips that should help you grow inbound organic traffic for your start-up’s website.

Choose the right hosting platform

It is every start-up’s goal to grow sustainably and quickly, and one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is selecting a poor hosting package. These days, user experience is considered one of the critical ranking factors for search engines. The experience and engagement of users play crucial roles in search engine optimisation, and the wrong platform will limit how many people can access your brand’s website. It can also slow down loading time and frustrate visitors, leading to higher abandonment rates and hindering growth potential as a result. As such, you must do your homework first and make sure that the chosen service provider can deliver the performance and features that your site needs to be optimised for SEO.

There are hosting platforms that offer affordable packages for start-up companies. There’s no need to search high and low because it’s possible to get quality service at a reasonable cost. Also, hosting services offer scalable solutions, thus anticipating the future needs of a growing start-up.  

Make sure that the website is well-designed

While it is undoubtedly true that popular search engines like Bing or Google are unable to see a website’s aesthetic design, they can interpret and understand the overall structure and navigational layout of the web pages. User experience also comes into play, and the design will have an impact on engagement and bounce rate. For example, if the user takes too long to find a specific section in your site or the product search feature isn’t working, website crawlers can detect these instances. And if the bounce rate is too high, there’s a good chance that search engines won’t be recommending the website to other users. Instead, it may just lower its position on the search engine results pages even more. Because of this, having a well-designed website is necessary to achieve good rankings.

Prioritise quality when it comes to content

More and more brands are investing in the creation of high-quality content, and it isn’t hard to see why. When all’s said and done, it presents brands with the opportunity to engage their current audience while reeling in new users. Content relevance will also boost site credibility and attract potential partnership with authority sites.

And through the use of backlinks via an excellent link building agency such as Ocere, you’ll elevate your referral traffic and improve your search ranking in the process.


SEO is a critical aspect of any marketing campaign in this day and age. There are no two ways around this. And with the above-mentioned tips, you’ll allow your start-upto build the exposure it needs to elevate its online presence and attract more prospective customers in turn.


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