5 Simple But Effective Ways To Increase Your Magento Sales

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Whether online selling is your side hustle or your full-time job the only way it’s going to stand the test of time and stay in business is by actually selling. Aesthetically pleasing easy to use  websites are vital and engaged, active, and informative social media is wonderful advertising but without converting to sales they are a thankless and fruitless expedition. Consider these simple steps to increase your sales 

1. FOMO – fear of missing out. 

Creating urgency around a product is an age-old selling technique that can translate to your Magento platform. Displaying how many items are left in stock, especially if it’s down to the last one or two will create urgency for a buyer, to buy now or risk missing out. If your customer is buying a sale or discounted item consider using a countdown timer giving the buyer an allotted amount of time to complete the purchase. 

2. Page optimization and site speed. 

It is estimated that slow loading websites can cost online retailers billions of dollars each year. It might not seem the highest on the priority list but the speed of your site should not be overlooked. Increasing your website’s speed will not only provide a better customer experience but more importantly, it can help to increase your conversation rate leading to better rankings and more sales. It’s not always the easiest task for the untrained eye but it can be a real quick fix when you let the experts take over your Magento page speed optimization. 

3. Ensure your page is mobile responsive. 

It might sound like a simple one but it’s an easy win and an easier way to lose custom. Research shows that mobile e-commerce sales account for 72.9% of the market. If you want in on that, and you do, you need to ensure your website is fully mobile responsive allowing customers the best and easiest experience when purchasing. It is a hurdle you don’t want to put in their way as there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to view a page properly from your smartphone. 

4. Simplify the cart process.

Having lots of pages and boxes for a customer to fill in and click through only prolongs and complicates the buying process adding more hurdles and distractions for buyers and thus increasing the chance of them leaving the cart full and importantly, unpaid for. A simple straightforward order and buying process with minimal pages increases customer satisfaction, their chances of returning and of course those all-important sales.

5. Personalisation. 

Personalizing a customer’s shopping experience can facilitate their shopping experience and in turn, make it more likely that they will purchase something else. An online shop will show personalized offers and products based on the customer’s previous web history. Another option is to provide customers with the chance to re-order previous purchases. Anything that helps tailor their experience to them will not only improve their all-round experience but increase your revenue.



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Adam Tanton

Adam is a partner in B2BNN with over 15 years experience in the enterprise technology field.