6 Crucial Things That You Should Do After Being Injured In Car Accident

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At one point or the other, there’d be reasons to go outdoors, use road networks, major highways, navigate busy streets or traffic, using your car to transport. During these events, you could get involved in a single or double collision car accident, you could be lucky enough to survive without a scratch or have to battle life-threatening injuries. 

Being in a car accident that causes you to have mild or severe injuries, permanent scars and disabilities is a traumatic experience but to survive beyond the accident, below is a highlight of six crucial things that you have to do. 


Get Medical Help

If you get involved in a car accident and regain consciousness after the collision or car flip over, you need to make sure you get comfortable either by finding your way out of the car or cracking open the window to let in the fresh air. After that, you can access your body to discover where you have been injured before proceeding to call 911, relay your health status, and request an ambulance service. 

No matter your injury status, you need to get medical attention to have professionals access you and give a final verdict on your health status. Also, you may need urgent surgery to help you live a healthy life after the accident, hence, your priority should seek medical help when you wake up from your dizziness. 

Inform The Police

This is a crucial step for you to take when you survive a car accident, during your 911 call, when requesting for an ambulance, ask that a police cruiser be sent to the accident scene too. Ensure that a police officer is on the scene to investigate the incident as they will help determine the at-fault party, which will be needed when you need to file for a compensation claim. 

Getting the police to the scene of the accident will be beneficial to your compensation claims shortly as many insurance companies require that you add a police report to your Claim Notification Form (CNF).

Gather Documentation

While you are recuperating from the injuries sustained because of the car accident, it will be in your best interest to gather documentation that you will file for an injury compensation claim with your insurer or that of the at-fault party. When you are gathering your documentation take note that there are different types of damages in an auto accident case, so if you need to know which ones you are filing for and get the needed documentation to support the claim. 

The two distinct damages that you can seek compensation for in a car accident case are special and general. Special damages are compensation for monetary losses that a victim suffered because of the auto accident from wage loss to medical and rehabilitation bill while General damages are compensation for non-monetary losses such as pain, suffering, and physical discomfort, disfigurement, or scarring that arises from injuries. So, you need documentation, reports, and invoices to support these damages that you are filing for in your CNF. 

Exchange Contact Information

When you can still move around after the incident, make sure you access your environment to see the extent of the damage, get picture evidence of the damaged vehicles involved in the accident. If you cannot get picture evidence, make sure you exchange contact information with the other people involved in the accident. 

The information that drivers should exchange after an accident includes full name and contact information, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license and license plate number, type, and model of vehicle.

Notify Your Insurer

Whether you are involved in a single collision with only your car or it involves other parties, make sure you inform your insurers about the accident. There are insurance companies that put you in a tight spot by putting a statute of limitation or deadline on when you can report an accident. This limitation could affect your injury compensation claim when you file it. 

Another reason to call your insurer after an accident is to find out if your policy covers medical bills payment to know how you will settle it or augment the hospital bills or rehabilitation cost. 

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

The most crucial thing you can do for yourself after an accident would be to hire an injury accident attorney to help you navigate the process of claiming compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, missed wages, or disability settlement. The process for a compensation claim could get brutal and the only person that can help you navigate it is a professional with varied experience in seeking justice for victims of car accidents. 

You need to complete these crucial steps as it is important for your post-accident recovery, rehabilitation, and ability to fund your medical bills. 

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