Ten Ways To Improve Your Career Prospects

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Some people go to their place of work in the morning and they go through the motions. They do their tasks, they eat their lunch and they leave their desk at 5pm on the dot. Others go to work and they make a point of doing all they can in their day and they often stay late. The difference is that some of those people love the job they’re doing, and others are doing it for the cash and that’s about it. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to the career that you’re doing is that this is your life. Your life has to matter, but it has to matter to YOU most of all, and if you’re in a career you hate, then you’re doing it wrong. I think we all take jobs we don’t necessarily want at some point or another, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay in it. If you’re going to the same place of work every single day and you absolutely hate what you’re doing, you have to do whatever you can to improve your career prospects and do something different. That doesn’t mean that you should feel overwhelmed by the potential changes you’re going to make. It just means that you need a plan. 

You can have all the ambition and goals to hit in the world, but if you’re not doing everything that you can to make them happen, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Let’s take a look at ten ways that you can improve your career prospects and finally do the thing you want to do.

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  • Make sure that you keep your goals list checked

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to create goals that fit your own vision for your life. You can know that you want to eventually be in charge of your own digital agency, but you need a digital marketing course to help you to qualify for that. As part of your goals list, you want to know that you are doing everything that you can to get onto one of those courses. Keep checking in with yourself to know that you are on track and you will feel as if you’re doing something to further yourself.

  • It’s good to stretch

It’s very hard to get out of your comfort zone. You may find that getting out of it is a huge stretch for you, stretching your mental ability to do more and stretching your anxiety levels, too. Success is often just outside of what’s comfortable for us, which is why you need to chase it. You can’t do the splits without learning how to stretch the muscles to get there, so you need to learn to stretch yourself to be comfortable in the new space you hope to occupy in life. This means stretching yourself to fit in a world you didn’t believe you could!

  • Pee into the wind

Okay, don’t do that, but metaphorically doing this is another matter. When you go on a camping trip, you should always find somewhere sheltered to do your business so that it doesn’t splash all over you. In this case, you need to lean into that wind of change and go with whatever it brings you – even if it brings you splashback!

  • Ask for feedback

It’s the hardest thing to ask for from your boss and your colleagues, but if you feel that you could be good at something, you need to ask others if they see what you see. Your boss will probably have some feedback on your strengths, especially if you have been in your job for some time. That alone should tell you that you are good at what you do. Asking for feedback gives you a chance to grow and gain some insight as to whether you are doing the right thing in your job. It can help to know what your strengths are, too, as this will convince you whether you are in the right career or not. You can massively improve your career prospects when you have the right feedback from people that know you and the way in which you work.

  • Put your work into a portfolio

If you know that you want to apply for work elsewhere, you need to know that you have the ability to show off what you can do. It’s going to improve things at the interview stage if you have evidence that you can do the things that you claim on your resume. Consider it to be backing yourself up so that you can brag a little about your achievements.

Image Source: Pexels

  • Read everything

No matter what you do in your industry, you don’t just improve by reading things in your industry. You can do better with your whole career if you know that you have read as much as possible in general. General knowledge is as important as industry-specific knowledge. If you love digital design and social media, get your head into comic books! Not only will you improve your networking skills when you read more, you’re going to be able to show others that you know how to be interesting outside work.

  • Network well

Speaking of networking, one of the best ways to be seen is to know how to get in front of other people and talk. It isn’t always easy to do, but networking is the best way that you can personalize your message and get to know them before you talk about how you can make a difference and help. Networking is all about making the best impression, which you can do!

  • Find a mentor

Often, if you are improving your career you need to have someone to follow. Whoever this may be, make them your mentor and you’ll see how easily you can improve your career future.

  • Take some courses

Education is not the only thing that’ll further your career, but it’s certainly one of the best things that you can do for yourself that will ensure that you get the very best for yourself in the future.

  • Listen

Lastly, you need to listen to those around you. If you have your ear to the ground at work, you’re going to be able to smash it and understand that you can have better for your future career. Always keep a listening ear out on what your bosses want from you and how you can improve – it’ll make a huge difference!

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