Window Cleaning Business: Equipment, Tools, and Supplies You’ll Need

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One of the secrets to starting and running a successful window cleaning business is to invest in the right tools: they shouldn’t be too expensive so you can stay profitable, but on the other hand, they should provide decent enough quality so you can work faster with fewer mistakes. 


Yet, with so many tools and equipment available, which ones do you actually need? 


Below, we’ll share some of the most important equipment, tools, and supplies you’ll need to run your window cleaning business. 

  • The Pole

Arguably the most important equipment for window washing, the extension pole helps you (or your crew) to reach a higher window or higher parts of a window. A good extension pole can help you clean hard-to-reach windows without lifts or ladders (meaning, eliminating unnecessary risks). 

There are high-quality poles made of ultra-light aluminum or carbon fiber, and you can get them for below $100. Choose those with replaceable tips and an easy-locking mechanism so you can easily change the T-bars and sleeves when needed. 

  • Scrubbers

Scrubbers are also a very important piece of equipment for any window cleaning job. 

Nowadays, you can choose between two types of scrubbers available in the market: the porcupine scrubber and lambswool applicator scrubber. 

Scrubbers with a lambswool-like design can absorb more water, so they can be useful in cleaning areas where you can’t easily reach your bucket or other cleaning solution deposits. The porcupine scrubbers, on the other hand, can provide better cleaning but they can’t hold a lot of water.

  • Software Infrastructure

In this digital age, software, applications, and other digital tools are just as important as your physical equipment and supplies.

You should consider:

  • Online booking: providing your clients with the ability to perform online bookings, inquire for quotes online, and digital invoices can significantly help in improving customer experience and enhancing your brand image. 


  • Scheduling: automated scheduling and CRM software can help optimize travel times and ensure you always show up and finish the job on time
  • Electronic payment: by allowing your customers to pay digitally, you can help improve business efficiency and ensure a more streamlined business experience.


Investing in an all-in-one field service management software that offers all the above features can provide a cost-effective option in building your window cleaning business’s digital infrastructure.

With fieldd, you can:

  • Schedule visits for your team, and send automatic reminders
  • Get an accurate GPS direction to the next job premise
  • Create professional quotes quickly 
  • Send an invoice when the job is done and collect payment online

All in just one tool. 

  • Squeegees

The most widely-used tool in the window cleaning business and there are various types and models of squeegees available. 

Traditionally, the handle of the squeegees is made of brass, which is relatively heavy and can help maintain the blade’s pressure on the window for more effective cleaning. However, newer squeegees are typically made of plastic or aluminum, which are around 10% lighter than brass. They typically also offer replaceable rubber blades, that allow us to remove the water from a glass surface easily and scratch-free. 

You’ll typically need more than one squeegee, so it’s best to get several different types to fit different cleaning needs. 

  • Microfiber Cloths

Cloths are used to wipe off stubborn dirt or particles that are left on the surface of the window. Some glass surfaces can’t easily be wiped out with a squeegee, and this is where you can use a cloth to finish the task.

While you can definitely use any type of cloth, we’d recommend microfiber cloths that feature fine fibers allowing much better absorption than traditional cloths. Also, if your client is allergic to cleaning solvents, you can use microfiber cloths to clean window panes without the use of chemical solvents.  

Nowadays, microfiber cloths are also quite affordable, and you can easily clean virtually any surface just by adding hot water to it. 

  • Buckets

You should get at least one rectangular bucket that is wide enough for your widest squeegees, and a few smaller ones as needed. You can easily get inexpensive but decent-quality buckets virtually anywhere. You’ll mainly use the buckets as the deposit for your cleaning solution.

  • Scraper

Useful if you handle construction cleaning, for example, to scrape off paints and grime. There are various affordable scrapers below $50. You might want to get one that includes a holster so you can attach it to your tool belt easily. 

  • Tool Belt

Useful so you (or your crews) can carry your cleaning tools on your belt. When, for example, you are cleaning high-rise windows, this will mean you don’t have to go up and down the ladder just to get a tool you’ve left below. You can even attach a bucket-on-a-belt when you clean areas that don’t provide easy access to buckets. 

  • Ladder

Although you should first rely on your extension poles and avoid unnecessary risks, there are times when you’ll absolutely need a ladder. Getting at least one good ladder is very important. Get at least one 3-foot step ladder with decent quality, and get taller ones if you plan to clean higher windowpanes. Make sure to check the quality and safety factors of the ladder carefully. 

  • Cleaning Solution

Your cleaning solution shouldn’t be too strong, since most windows are prone to watermarks and dust. You can create a cost-effective cleaning solution with just water, dish soap, and a bit of ammonia. Place the cleaning solution in a spray bottle so you can easily attach it to your tool belt. 

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