4 websites on which you can easily convert PPT to PDF for free

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PDF or Portable Document Format is the most commonly used document format in the world and it is widely accepted across different companies and organizations. When you are trying to submit a document in the soft form then most people and companies would prefer that you submit it in PDF rather than any other file format because PDFs are universal, easily accessible across different platforms, and make the transfer and handling of data & information much easier.

With that being said, if you have a document or file in any other format such as PPT or PNG then you need to convert it into PDF prior to submission. Most of the softwares on which you make such documents doesn’t let you convert the documents into other formats such as PDF, however, there are certain websites available online through which you can easily convert any file format into PDF for free in just a few seconds such as DOC to PDF, PPT to PDF, etc.

Here are 4 websites on which you can easily convert PPT to PDF for free in just a few seconds.


1. Lua PDF Converter

At the top of the list, we have Lua PDF Converter, which is a free PDF solution for all your PDF-related problems. The website is accessible across all the platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. All the conversions are performed on a secure server and the files are deleted within 24 hours after you upload them.

You will find different tools related to PDF on Lua such as PPT to PDF Converter, Word to PDF Converter, PDF Compressor, and other tools which let you convert PDF into other formats such as PDF to PNG. So, if you are looking to get your PPT converted to PDF then Lua is the place where you can get it done instantly, in just a few seconds.

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a free website that has different tools available related to PDF. You will find all sorts of tools there, be it the tools required for PDF conversion or other tools, they are easily accessible on Smallpdf for free. If you are looking to get PPT converted into PDF then you can also get it done through Smallpdf that performs the conversions of files into PDF in just a few moments.

3. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another platform from which you can easily get your PPT converted into PDF. The website has not only online tools available but there is also a dedicated client available that you can download and use on your PC. Not only can you convert different file formats to PDF but also enjoy other tools such as PDF Merger, PDF Protector, etc for free. The file conversions are done in just a few seconds and there is no need to worry about security as everything is done on a secure platform.

4. IlovePDF

IlovePDF provides a lot of different tools regarding PDFs such as PDF Organizer, PDF Converters, PDF Editor, and several others. If you are looking to get PPT converted to PDF or any other file format to PDF then you can get it done from IlovePDF. Apart from this, the website also has a converter available which lets you convert PDF into other formats such as PDF to PNG or PDF to Excel. All of the tools are available on IlovePDF for free and you can use any tool that you want or get any file format converted into PDF for free.

5. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is an online free PDF converter that lets you convert different documents such as spreadsheets, presentations (PPTs), PNGs and other documents into PDF. The website lets you convert any file format into PDF by just uploading the file and it also has a feature where you can just enter the link of the PDF or enter the Dropbox/Google Drive link and the website will perform conversion. Apart from PDF converter, the website has several other tools available such as PDF Editor, PDF Compressor, PDF Merger, etc.


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