5 best free websites where you can play games online

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Nowadays, everyone gets bored especially with the COVID-19 situation and everything. People don’t have much to do and also cannot leave their homes and hence, they get bored. Luckily, to help you cope with boredom, there are online gaming websites available. Online gaming is easy and simple. You don’t need a heavy spec PC nor do you need the latest gaming title or console to have fun. All you need is a working internet connection, a web browser that can run online games, and that’s pretty much it.


There are tons of different websites available on which you can play new games for free but we have gathered a list of 5 best free websites where you can play games online.


1. Miniclip


Miniclip is a free online gaming website where you can enjoy tons of games for free. Some of the games on Miniclip are very popular such as 8 Ball Pool, Agar.io but apart from these popular ones, there are also other games available that you will love to play.


The website features a lot of different games’ categories including action, arcade, sports, puzzles, games for kids, etc. You can create a free account on Miniclip and keep a track of your high scores, get on the leaderboards, and add new friends, however, creating an account isn’t necessary as you can play most of the games as a guest.

2. CrazyGames.com


Crazy Games is one of the top online gaming websites that has a huge collection of games from different categories. The games available on Crazy Games can be played from all the devices through a web browser. You will find a lot of different, fun, and addicting games on Crazy Games that will make your boredom go away.


All the games can be played for free without the need for any account registration or downloading anything. Just a working internet connection and you can start playing the games on a web browser, right away.

3. Arkadium Games


Arkadium Games is a website that usually features word & puzzle games. It is different from other websites due to the fact that it has mostly puzzles and word games that are good for the mind, keeps your mind fit & active. For people who are fans of games such as Solitaire, Sudoku, Crosswords, they will love Arkadium because these are the types of the games that you will find on Arkadium. 

4. Poki.com

Poki.com is one of those online games websites where you will just find yourself all the time once you start playing games here. The website has a huge collection of not only web games but also popular mobiles games such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Crossy Roads, etc. These are all popular mobile games that you can play on Poki without having to download or install anything. It is one of the best websites that has all the games available for free, with minimal or no ads. 



AARP Games usually features games that are beneficial for seniors, those over the age of fifty. Most of the AARP Games are meant for seniors but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy those games. Just like Arkadium, AARP also features puzzles and word games that are beneficial for mind and health. If you are someone who loves solving puzzles or is interested in puzzle games such as Sudoku, Mahjongg, etc then he will find all sorts of different games on AARP Games and will definitely enjoy his visit there. You will also find all the games that are available on Arkadium Games.


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