5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire

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Solitaire is one of the most common and well-known card games in the world having over 540 different versions of the same game with each version having its own rules and regulations. Some of the most common versions of Solitaire include Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, etc. These are the most common ones and were even available as pre-installed games in older versions of Windows.

Solitaire is one of those games that bring a soothing and relaxing effect to your brain, having a number of different psychological benefits. Here are the 5 Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire:

Solitaire calms your mind:

Solitaire is one of those games that is good for your mind with several benefits for the mental health of the individual out of which one of the benefits is that it calms your mind due to the fact that it is a low-risk game. It puts your mind into a light meditative state and if you’re someone who worries a lot or suffers from anxiety then giving Solitaire a shot to calm your mind wouldn’t hurt. Solitaire is a good choice to release excess tension from your mind and body and enter a calm, meditative state of mind to enjoy your day.

Solitaire helps develop strategy:

Playing Solitaire on a regular basis helps improve the strategic and decision-making power of an individual. Solitaire doesn’t require complex strategies like Chess but still it requires a good sense of strategy to complete the game because in Solitaire, unless you’re careful enough with the placement of the cards, you cannot really finish and complete the game. So, to win a game of solitaire, you need to learn the right moves and execute them at the right time, which improves your strategy & decision-making powers.

Solitaire keeps you engaged:

When you are alone and getting bored because there is nothing to do then you can play a game or two of solitaire to get rid of extreme boredom. Boredom can have several unhealthy side effects, especially for your mental health and it is good to keep you busy and entertained most of the time. 

When you have nothing to do then the mind gets weary and to escape from extreme boredom, solitaire is a good way to keep yourself busy and entertained especially when the game itself has about 540 different version including Freecell Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and numerous other version. You can pick any one version of the game and start playing it to kill the boredom and keep yourself engaged.

Solitaire teaches delayed gratification:

When a newbie starts playing Solitaire then he will move cards around as fast as he can in order to build up the stacks in order and finish the game as soon as possible but in doing so, he reaches a dead end and has to either undo his move or start from all over again. When you regularly play Solitaire then it will teach you delayed gratification. You will pay full attention to your overall strategy and how you’re moving the cards around and often wait before making a stack until the time is right. So, in short, Solitaire teaches you patience and delayed gratification, i.e it is always good to wait for the perfect moment to make the right moves.

Solitaire is a low-pressure game:

Sometimes all we need to do in order to relax is play a game but most of the games out there are pressure games that require your full focus and attention and unless you’re not fully focused, you cannot win those games. However, with Solitaire that is not the case. Most versions of Solitaire are easy and you can easily relax by playing a game of Solitaire without any pressure.

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