How To Prepare To Be A Financial Analyst In 2021

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Your success as a financial analyst will vary from person to person, depending on what you hold important and valuable. This can translate to either making a lot of money, or having the stability and balance between work and personal life. Either direction is both attainable and an understandable target goal to reach and strive for. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are preparing for a career as a financial analyst.


Certifications And Education Requirements

Before you begin your career as a financial analyst, you will have to meet the requirements in terms of education and certification. For these educational requirements, you will first need to attain your bachelor’s degree for financial analyst. Once you have completed that program and attained your degree, you will get your master’s degree, and finally, you will require your certifications. Once you have attained all the necessary educational requirements, you will have the education ready to pursue your career.

Job Responsibilities

One of the key ways that you will need to go over in order to prepare for your career in finance is to understand the potential and likely responsibilities that you will have with your job and career. These responsibilities may include but won’t be limited to the following:

  • Developing or creating, then constantly maintaining financial models that will be used to analyze and predict a company’s growth in regards to their operations.
  • Working with different teams and departments that will look into their budgets and numbers. This will demand that the financial analyst also creates a strategy in order to properly plan and help balance business numbers.
  • Help look into different investments, evaluate the company’s current assets and understand how best to manage their money to help maximize their financials and profits.
  • Analyze profit margins and suggest improvements in regards to their findings.


Using The Right Tools And Software

When you are looking at the ways to best prepare for your career in the field of finance, just like any other career or job, it is important that you have the right tools to succeed. The fp&a analysts identify some key tools that you will use throughout your day to day work life. These will primarily be software that includes financial planning software that is utilized to analyze budgets and forecast finances, is used for reporting and management, as well as planning. You will also use accounting software to help audit the balances of companies, as well as payroll software to help manage payments and file the necessary paperwork for taxes. It is important that you are comfortable using a variety of software, as your tools and the understanding of them will translate to your success. In addition to software, you also need to consider hardware needs, especially in recent years. If your company has made adjustments for working from home, you want to ensure that you have a capable PC and internet connection to keep up with all your work demands and responsibilities.

Opportunities At Work

As a new professional in your financial field, it may be difficult to establish yourself amongst your colleagues and make yourself and your skills stand out. This is why it is important that you take every opportunity you can to work on jobs that will give you exposure to your management team. This does not mean you have to work outside your specialty or focus, or even work more than you are comfortable doing, as that can lead to burnout. This means that you are not afraid of taking on strategy projects that will be a priority to your company, especially in expanded leadership roles. This will expose you to management as they have a key interest in the project. Taking on such job opportunities will also expose you to chances to learn and practice new skills, ones you might not otherwise be exposed to.


Doing great work while on the clock may get you recognized, but it may not always work or may take much longer. One way to help further your career is to gain as much exposure and build as many connections as possible. One way to help bolster your experience and contacts is through volunteering at work. Volunteering can take place inside the office with your company and the different events they host, as well as outside work with a charity or organization of your choosing. This helps build upon your resume, allowing you to be a more well rounded employee and person, and can help make you stand out from others. Additionally, this allows you to network in ways that do not feel like networking, which may not come as naturally to many people. Instead of gathering in a setting where your personality and ability to be social carries the weight of your communication, you get to focus on certain jobs and tasks while getting to know those around you. 

Balance Your Personal Time

One of the most important aspects of your job as a financial analyst, or any career you choose for that matter, is the idea of overworking yourself to meet company demands. This may sound counter intuitive to the points brought up earlier that discuss how to stand out in the workplace by showing initiative, but it is important that you always understand how to properly balance your time and energy. Even if your goal is financial success and attaining job titles, you cannot do that if you burn yourself out. Your company will only pay you for your working hours, and working off time comes at your own expense, where you can utilize that for other interests and passions. It is important that you always consider your physical, mental and emotional health, as everything will have an impact on your job performance.

Working as a financial analyst in the year 2021 may look a bit different than previous years, but there are still many aspects that translate. It is important that you consider not only the job itself and the different requirements that go into your career, but your own goals, passions, your personality, and how that all fits into your life. Whether you have career goals or personal ones, a career as a financial analyst can help you reach your idea of success.

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