Six reasons why team communication apps are on the rise

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Since the last decade, Team Communication and Collaboration apps/tools are on a rise. According to a survey report, about 53& businesses across the world had adopted team communicating and collaboration tools by 2016 and this number is continuously increasing. In 2021, this number will be much greater because most businesses are switching towards digital solutions and trying to make everything digital so it is easy to access and manage.


The use of work and team communication apps is on the rise and there are certain reasons why that is so. Here are six reasons why team communication apps are on the rise and why you should also be using team communication and work collaboration apps at work:


1. Improved and Easy Communication:

There is no doubt about this, team communication apps increase and improve the communication between the members of the team. These apps are designed in such a way that there is seamless communication between the members and they easily have conversations and share ideas with each other.

2. Streamlined Workflow

Team communication apps are designed in such a way that they improve the efficiency of the team members and help them to work efficiently. People who have been using team communication apps at work have found themselves to be more efficient when working together with the members on the team and communicating with each other on a team communicating app. With such apps, you can share tasks among the members of the team, ask for feedback, and have virtual meetings with your team members to stay updated on the latest things.

3. Improved Employee Engagement

Without any sort of communication app or tool, the team members and employees barely communicate with each other unless there is something really urgent, however, the main objective behind team communication apps is to increase the engagement between employees/members of the team. When employees engage with each other and communicate then the overall productivity of the employees is improved.

4. Improved Project Management

Effective project management is only possible when the members of the team start to communicate and coordinate with each other on different aspects of the projects. When the team members start to communicate effectively, there are fewer chances of confusion among the members of the team and also fewer chances of mistakes being made. Thus, once the team members and employees start to communicate with each other, they will be able to handle their tasks in a much better way and the project management will be much improved.

5. Strengthens the bond among team members

When people start to work together on different projects as a team then they develop a healthy working relationship with each other. Talking with a colleague or a fellow team member helps you develop a healthy working relationship and this can improve the productivity of the whole team.

6. Keep everything organized

This is one of the best things about Team Communication apps is that everything remains organized. You can easily get to know what’s the latest happening on the project, what things are done and what things are left to be done. Along with that, you can easily share messages, documents, videos, and project files on a single platform so it is easier for all the team members to access them.


There are many different Team Communicating and Chat apps/tools available out there such as ProofHub, Chanty, WhatsApp, Troop Messenger, etc. Most of these apps are truly team communication apps but they are not free, meaning that you will have to subscribe to their yearly or monthly subscriptions, however, WhatsApp is truly free and is a good substitute for a team communicating app since you can not only use it on your mobile phone but also on your PC through WhatsApp Web or any third-party emulator such as BlueStacks. Plus, WhatsApp is completely free for everyone and it has all the features that you would find in other apps such as File Sharing, One-on-One Chat, Audio/Video Calls, Group Conversations, etc.

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