6 Innovative Packaging Ideas For Your Business

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Contrary to what most businesses know, packaging could either make or break your business. Often, your packaging is what your customers first see before they get to your products.

Modernization in packaging will help you if you want your product to be seen. Updating your packaging could also help you define and build your brand. If you’re wondering how you can come up with innovative packaging ideas for your business, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of ideas that can help you in coming up with great packaging:


  • Make Fun Packaging


Keep in mind that fun packaging should not need be limited only to children; in fact, some grown-ups like to have fun too. Unusual shapes and bright colors for children could also work with grown-up products, but typically, it’d be better to follow a subtler design.


  • Use Eco-Friendly Packaging


The materials used in packaging is something people interact with daily. It’s also one of the most recognizable items. You’d even be holding one right now. Some of the common packaging materials include cans, cardboards, bottles, and paper bags. However, disposing and even production of such materials needs an enormous amount of energy, which experts believe has severely impacted the environment.

With the increase in global temperatures, the need for eco-friendly and sustainable product packaging is increasing. Undeniably, packaging has become a part of everyday life, so most customers are searching for alternatives to lessen their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly packaging, on the other hand, could help you tap into this eco-friendly base. Since the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products has increased, this is your opportunity to push your business as an environmentally mindful organization.

Nevertheless, here are some of the eco-friendly packaging products that you can use for your business:

  • Corrugated bubble wrap
  • Biodegradable packaging peanut
  • Cornstarch packaging
  • Seaweed packaging
  • Recycled paper and cardboard
  • Organic fabrics
  • Starch- or soy-based biodegradable plastics


  • Personalize Your Box


Considering the tough competition, placing your items in a bland brown box is a big no-no. As more and more consumers are posting the products together with their packaging on social media, one innovative packaging idea you need to explore is unique packaging that will identify with your brand. A great example is Apple’s minimalist design. The famous brand chooses to stick with a simple white box, a picture of the product on the front, and the logo of a half-eaten apple slapped on it. Nothing special about it on paper, but this has paved the way for branding today.

Some companies even treat the box as a part of their product. Creative packaging solutions companies can help you pick a design that would have some use for your customers and would show your company loves to innovate. For example, juice boxes made from biodegradable material. Encourage your customers to recycle the juice boxes and use it as planters for seedlings. This might cost extra on your end, but customers would appreciate this little extra, especially if the packaging design and material has some use to them.


  • Don’t Forget The Logo


To make the design even more memorable and attention-grabbing, you can integrate your logo creatively. One great way to do this is to use shapes. Shapes are an excellent way to make your business logo stand out. For instance, to achieve a professional yet creative look, you can place your business name inside the box. This is also beneficial with cross-platform branding since a boxed-in logo works well digitally on presentations, letterheads, and merchandise like lanyards and pens. 


  • Make The Unboxing Experience Special 


Your packaging should provide customers a positive feeling when they first see the package. One way to make your customers’ unboxing experience special is to appeal to their senses by providing more than a simple box. For instance, to make an impactful visual effect on the packaging, packaging designers and brand managers should opt for a wide variety of off-press and press effects like glitter coatings for deluxe shimmers, UV coatings for high gloss finishes, and metallic sheens to achieve a luxurious feel.

Depending on your products, you can also add sound elements or music to further speak to the image of your brand. For instance, a spirit brand advertised by musicians could have musical clips implemented to the design of the packaging with a micro-speaker that activates when somebody opens the packaging. As long as it’s in line with your business and brand, be quirky, funny, artistic, and creative so your packaging and products stand out from the crowd.


  • Tell A Story


When coming up with an innovative idea, tell the story behind your products. But you need to be creative with it. The good thing when you’re only selling one product is that you could focus on the history of your brand and your product to boost the attention you’re receiving. From there, you can also share your values as a company.

Showing a story through your packaging tells your customers you value their experience and shows them who you are as a company. This way, your target market would become more interested in learning more about your company, your product, and what you’re providing different to what’s available.

For instance, winemakers who provide wine bottles to their buyers in wine bottle–shaped packaging. Every time someone sees these kinds of packaging, they could easily figure out that what’s inside is a wine bottle. You could also tell the story of your vineyard or add a QR code to a video of your process. With these little gestures, you can get your product to stand out from the competition.

Final Say

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned on this post get you to start thinking about your product packaging. You can take as many ideas as you can and think of a good way you can adapt them to your product and brand. When you focus on your packaging while creating something unique to your business, you’ll become more successful. Keep in mind that your packaging doesn’t only contain your product, but it’s also your final marketing message to your clients. 


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