Four Ways That SEO Can Help Take Your Business To The Next Level This Summer

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For a lot of small business owners, the first year is about survival. You fight so hard to convince people that your idea has what it takes to succeed as a business. You put together a team of people that you have faith in and who believe in what you are doing. You battle through and ramp up to the launch only to encounter a whole host of problems that you could never have foreseen (a global pandemic, for example). You realize what parts of your business are holding you back and which offer fantastic opportunities for new growth. For a lot of, however, you’re holding on for dear life.


Any business owner who was (un)lucky enough to have 2020 be their first year in operation deserves a huge round of applause if they are still going, but as we all know: still going isn’t enough. It’s especially true right now, as companies both big and small are battling through the new normal to see who will still be here this time next year. Every business, no matter what its size, should be looking for ways to level up this summer, to expand and move forward.

Traditionally, taking a big step forward implies a huge expense. Opening a new office, recruiting for a new division, branching out into something completely different. In this not-quite-post-pandemic world, we’re all looking for ways that we can do more with less. One of the most effective ways to do that is with SEO. We are sure that you have at the very least a basic grasp on what SEO is and why it’s important. But if you want to really make the most of what it has to offer to take your business to the next level, here are a few ideas.

Revitalize Your Website And Establish Your Credentials

Website design is a deceptively tricky thing to get right. Some businesses prize the simplicity of a very basic layout, believing that it represents their straightforward, no-nonsenseethos. Others think that it’s very important to have something stylish and eye-catching that people will remember. All too often, people forget about the user experience and the content. Well, Google certainly hasn’t forgotten about it. As a part of their recent updates, Google has factored in user experience when it comes to prioritizing search results. So, there’s an incentive for you.

However, user experience isn’t just about making it easy for people to know which link they should click to find what they want. It’s about providing them with content that they actually care about. Well-written pieces that have the information that they are looking for. Making sure that you answer the questions that they have come to your website to ask. High quality content that demonstrates your expertise will encourage your potential customers and clients to stick around, and it will help to improve your brand’s reputation. All this, and it will help boost your position in the search rankings too.

Find Your Target Audience And Learn More About What They’re Looking For

Things are starting to change, but for a long time the conventional wisdom when it came to bringing users to your site was to throw everything at the problem and see what worked. This approach is time consuming and, if you’re using pay per click advertising, it can end up being tremendously costly. SEO marketing is all about relevance, and if you use it correctly, you will ensure that the people who are clicking through to your website are interested in what it is that you’re offering.

You will see that the number of users who are clicking away as soon as they have clicked through will start to go down, and this is where the work that you have done on making sure that your site is easy to navigate and loaded with relevant expert content will start to pay off. It’s also important to think about local SEO if you are a business that depends on that local business. Try to look beyond the “near me” searches to see what opportunities there are to drive that local traffic andthink about creating some niche local content that will establish you as a trusted business. You should also ensure that all your contact information is kept up to date and synchronized.

Take Your Business International And Maximize Your Chances Of Success

If we’re talking about taking your business to the next level, then we will need to talk about international expansion. There will come a point when every business that is reaching a certain degree of success will start to think about whether they can succeed abroad. There are a lot of factors to consider, from the exchange rate to the difference in the local working hours, but it is very important to note that you can’t just expect to translate your website and see the same level of success that you have in your home country. No, all the work you have done on your keywords and link building is relevant to where your site is right now.

If you want your site to succeed in France, for example, you should think about employing the services of a French SEO agency. A good agency will work with you to understand your business and your mission, and the message you want to get across. They will conduct an SEO audit of your site, begin a link building campaign, and carefully monitor its progress to make sure that it is living up to its potential. If you’re looking for the best SEO agency in France, you should look for a firm with native speakers and a proven track record of success. Smart Web Group works with businesses that are based in France or looking to expand there, and 97% of their customers have continued to work with them after the first project after 10 years in the business.

Make Sure That Your Business Is In This For The Long Haul

As mentioned above, the key to any good SEO strategy is monitoring its progress to see what’s working and what isn’t over time. Now, business owners in a hurry might complain that SEO is too much of a slow burn, why not just buy ads and be done with it? But, as we mentioned earlier, SEO is all about building. You’re building your brand with the content that you create which is expertly written and relevant. You are building customer trust with adverts and links that are giving them what they are looking for rather than tricking them into clicking a promotion. And you are building a fantastic data resource that will tell you so much about your own business and the possibilities that could open up to you.

Good SEO practice is not something that you are going to finish up in a day or two. It requires regular audits. You should be paying attention to local and global trends to make sure that your keywords and content are staying relevant. If you’re looking at expanding into France, stay up to date with the national news and talking points, from vaccines to free public transport. You should be analyzing the performance of every piece of content to see what is working and what is dead weight. Think of SEO as a muscle that you keep working on to keep your business in fighting trim. Keep those good habits so that when you need to flex it, you know you’re going to get results.

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