Methods for Boosting Employee Engagement

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In the ever-changing, increasingly fast-paced world, employee engagement can make the difference between a company surviving or failing. Keen workers who are happy to be there, who are full of ideas and energy, is something all businesses would like to have. However, the reality can be somewhat lacking. The less engaged a person, the more emotionally detached they will be from the job at hand. They are simply not invested in giving their all to the progression of your company. This detachment has a huge impact on productivity, and individual negativity can infect other members of the team. To get the most out of your employees, they need to be engaged in their roles. It is up to you as a leader to find new methods for boosting employee engagement:

What are your company’s core values?

If your company has a mission it is trying to achieve, and employees agree with it, then you will find that they are more engaged. Having a reason why is a great motivator. If you have no core values as yet, go to the drawing board and create some. Then you need to communicate these to your staff. This growth of company culture will make staff feel as if they a part of something meaningful. In addition, having a set of core values makes the hiring process easier. You will see which candidates are on board and have the enthusiasm that aligns with your business.


Communication is a two-way street. You can dictate all you like, but if you are not open to listening to your employees, you will not have engaged staff. Create a culture where your employees feel empowered to offer their feedback and opinions without any fear of reprisal. If appropriate, act on these suggestions. If not, then communicate why. Get on first-name terms with your employees, depending on the size of your company. If your company is too large, ensure managers do this. A culture of open communication will ensure no individual or team feels left in the dark.

Reward hard work

When an employee works hard and goes above and beyond the normal order of things, you need to recognize this. If you can create a culture where hard work is recognized and rewarded, then you will go a long way to engage your team. 


You can’t expect miracles. If you have not trained or upskilled your team, you will not get the best out of them. Ensure you put money into their training. This way, you know they have the skills and knowledge to succeed.


If employee engagement has become a real issue for you, why not use a 5s consulting firm to help you reinvigorate your staff. They will be able to come in and see where you are going wrong. Sometimes all we need are a few pointers in the right direction.  

Get Engagement Feedback

Why not ask your staff why they are not engaged and get them to suggest improvements. Ensure everyone gets involved. You can hold team meetings and get some ideas. Perhaps all you need to offer is free coffee. 

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