What Makes A Good Office Space? Find Out Here

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Running a business comes with layers upon layers of responsibility, and as a business owner, you soon come to realize how essential the well-being of your employees is in terms of productivity. It only makes sense that you start to look into the factors that affect productivity, and you’ll find that the workspace is an extremely important factor. This is why it’s imperative to think about aspects in the office design instead of just throwing together desks and chairs and hoping that it works out. If you’re not really sure where to start with all of this, read on to find out more about what makes a good office space and how you can implement it. 

You Need Space and Ventilation

When you invest in property to use for your office space, you need to think about the comfort of your employees and what factors will affect their state of mind. You also need to consider that we’re still somewhat trying to adapt to life and business after and with the pandemic, so health and hygiene are the top priorities. Finding an office that has enough space is so critical. Keep in mind that these people will be spending long hours here, so the last thing you want is for them to feel claustrophobic and depressed because of how stuffy the office is. What comes next is the factor of ventilation. This office needs to be properly ventilated, have windows all around, and have surfaces that are easy to clean to give everyone the security of fresh air and eliminate the risk of anyone getting sick because there’s no ventilation. 

Professionally Designed Layout

Once you’re set on the property, it’s time to step back and let a professional work on the layout of the office. Make sure that you hire a company that specializes in office layouts because it is completely different than designing a home. As explained by the specialists at spaceandsolutions.com, it’s important to work with a company that will consult with you to understand your business. This allows them to come up with the best and most convenient design to cover all angles when it comes to practicality and creating a motivational setting. 

Lighting is Important

It has been proven that the effect of lighting on people is considered crucial when it comes to productivity and their mental well-being as well. Because your employees spend so much time at the office, it’s essential to ensure that there is as much natural light as possible coming in. You also need to include lighting that will allow them to see clearly, and not give them a headache. Stay away from fluorescent lights because prolonged exposure to these lights can result in terrible headaches and that is the last thing you want. 

Bring in Elements of Nature

The small details do make all the difference, especially in large spaces like an office. You want to make sure that the colors are not depressing. The best way to do that and to also add a bit of dimension and life to the workspace is by bringing in elements of nature. This means putting a small fountain at the entrance and placing plants all over the office to bring it to life. 



There Needs to be a Break Area

You’re dealing with people that need to break away from the stressful jobs that they have every once in a while if you want them to perform at their best. Having a break area set up nicely is a great way to motivate your employees and it also adds a touch of fun to an otherwise serious office space. This area can have a fridge, coffee machine, an arcade game, or a foosball table and bean bags with books and magazines to give the impression of relaxation and fun to help them unwind. 


The perfect office space needs to be designed thoughtfully. Yes, you want a space that looks professional, but you also want to take into consideration that there are going to be employees that need motivation and stimulation. The tips provided here will ensure that you have the ideal setup. You employees and clients alike should immediately feel a sense of calm, professionalism, and motivation the moment they enter your office. There needs to be plenty of space, sunlight and proper lighting, and a break room to give people a bit of a break from the grind. Adding natural touches by placing plants also adds dimension and gives them clean air to breathe. 

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