4 Industries Which Have Thrived in 2021

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2021 has been another tumultuous year for the global economy, with many industries still facing disruption and hard times as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

However, while this crisis has stifled the ambitions of some organizations, others have been able to thrive in the conditions it created.

With that in mind, here is a look at just four industries that have gone from strength to strength so far this year, and look set to continue this positive trend in the future as well.

US Online Casino Sites

Web-based gambling services were already gaining traction prior to the breakout of COVID-19, and yet this particular dilemma proved to be ideal for fostering more public interest in online casinos.

As a result, the best USA online casino sites found here managed to accumulate a plethora of new customers. Not only that, but even once normality began to return to many regions, these sites have managed to maintain their momentum and continue serving a loyal and growing user base.

It should be no surprise that double-digit growth is predicted for the online casino industry over the next half-decade. And of course, the pandemic is not the only catalyst for this, since the general expansion of online gaming is maintaining a brisk pace and people have easy access to services like this via their smartphones.

Delivery Services

Another industry that has enjoyed massive success in the wake of the pandemic, and which remains on an upward trajectory today, is that of delivery-based businesses.

Organizations operating in this sector effectively bridge the gap between traditional bricks and mortar outlets, be they grocery stores or restaurants, and their customers.

This is not a new concept by a long shot, but a mixture of the enforced stay-at-home orders of the coronavirus crisis, combined with the ultimate convenience of being able to order from a smartphone app, meant that delivery services came into their own in 2020, and remain buoyant in 2021.

There is also plenty of competition in this sector, with a mixture of established brands and newcomers battling it out to win and keep customers. From Uber Eats to DoorDash, the sheer amount of choice means that take-outs have never been more accessible or appealing.

Of course the return of traditional hospitality experiences this year could have been seen as something which would put a dent in the growth that delivery services enjoyed when the pandemic was at its height. Thankfully this has not been the case, and it seems that the habits formed in quarantines and lockdowns have survived the return to more regular routines.

Used Car Retailers

There have been a great number of side effects of the pandemic, one of the most significant of which is the global chip shortage. The manufacturers responsible for producing the processors which go inside everything from mobile devices and games consoles to new cars have not only had supply chain issues but have also been flooded with an unprecedented influx of demand.

This has meant that automotive production lines have been hampered as well, and there have also been signs of consumer caution when it comes to taking the plunge with buying a brand new vehicle.

As such, the used car market has experienced a boom in many parts of the country and the world, which in turn has meant that prices for secondhand vehicles have risen rather than fallen in many cases, and demand has even outstripped supply here.

The long-term prospects for this industry are less positive, largely because regulations will mean that older gas-guzzling engine types will eventually be outlawed altogether in favor of zero-emissions alternatives.


It should be obvious that the healthcare industry would blossom in an era of a global pandemic, and yet it is interesting to see just how this particular sector has evolved to cope with the challenges facing practitioners and patients alike.

In the case of doctors conducting their duties as safely as possible, the rise in the use of conferencing software to allow for remote consultations has been one of the most remarkable and durable changes brought about in the past 12 months.

Furthermore, there is little question that the conversation around healthcare has shifted away from focusing solely on physical health, to allow mental health matters to be discussed and dealt with. Again, technology has helped provide more patients with access to mental health services that might not have been available in the past, and this industry should still thrive going forward.

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