Five Items for Your Office

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It’s been about 18 months since the first lockdowns were mandated, and it has been a slow transition back to the office. If there is one thing that has been made clear during this time, it’s that employees are as productive as or more productive than when they work in the office. This is not necessarily because they are hot, but because they are comfortable and have whatever they need to get the job done. With experts saying a return to the office is for the best, it is inevitable that things will change. So, as we all go back to the office, there are a few ways you can make yourself more comfortable and efficient. Here are five items to improve your office life.

A Supportive Desk Chair

Perhaps the most important thing in your office is to be supportive and comfortable. Think about it. You spend so much of your life sitting in your office chair at your computer. It’s imperative that your chair is high-quality so that you can get your work done, stay focused, and avoid physical pain in the process. Over time, you will have back and neck problems if you don’t have a contemporary desk chair that supports you. Like your mattress, your desk chair is extremely important. Spend some money on it. If you don’t have a great chair, you will likely pay for it when you’re in pain years later.


Another thing that greatly affects your workflow, productivity, and energy is lighting. You should do your best to curate your own space with soft but bright lighting. You may have bright fluorescent lights overhead, but your private office should be adorned with lights that help you stay awake and productive without hurting your eyes. You will also need to make it bright enough so that you can keep your computer lights down to avoid hurting your eyes. While you’re at it, you can purchase some blue light glasses that protect your eyes from harmful rays that emit from your computer, phone, and tablet screens. You might not think the lights in your office make that big of a difference, but they do. Take the time to buy and put in some lamps and other lights that will facilitate your workflow and productivity.

The Right Desk

While it depends on what you do and how many items you will keep on your desk, buying the right one will make all the difference. These days there are all kinds of shapes and sizes when it comes to desks. There are desks with specific spots for computers, tablets, and other tools of the trade. The shape, how it fits into your office, and the amount of room it provides on top as well as all around it will impact your mindset and ability to get work done. Think about your ideal setup and make it happen.

Snacks & Beverages

You might be addicted to caffeine or simply need a boost from a snack every now and again to keep up your productivity. Have you thought about buying your own coffee maker so you don’t have to leave your office to make a cup of coffee? What about a microwave? A toaster? A mini-refrigerator? It doesn’t matter what you’re into, if you create an environment where you feel comfortable and have what you need, you will be able to get more work done faster. Everyone gets distracted when they go to the common area to make a cup of coffee or get a snack. Eliminate these distractions by having what you need in your office.


One thing we overlook is that we spend so much time inside at our office desks away from natural things. It will do you a lot of good to bring in some plants. There is a provable difference between when people have plants around and when they don’t. We are happier with living things around. The color green has been shown to improve mood. You don’t need something that you have to water all the time, instead buy a succulent or a plant that doesn’t need much.

While it won’t stop there, the point is to make your office as productive, comfortable, and unique to your needs as possible. When you make the extra effort to curate an environment where you have everything you need to get the job done, work will be easier and more enjoyable.

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