Own A Company? Here’s How To Be More Careful And Always Deliver On Time

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When you are on the receiving side of a shipment, everything seems so easy. You just order something and like a black box process, the package just appears right in front of you. This process is much more complicated behind the scenes. Having something delivered to your door is a kind of luxury.


Having something delivered on time is only achievable with the right logistics. This process needs to be as efficient and smooth as possible. The world relies on good delivery and it has been so for many centuries. Since things needed to be brought with ships and carriages, to modern times with trucks and planes. This process might seem troublesome, but it is truly worth it for your company. It is an important sign of your devotion to business.

Working with the right packaging company

Before something can be shipped it needs to be packaged correctly. You can do this on your own, or hire a packaging service to do this for you. Your company has its unique requests, so having an experienced company that can adhere to your requests through contract packaging can be of much help. You can not manage everything by yourself, and if you work with the right packaging company they can do the hard work of packing and do it ever so swiftly.

These services are not free but they are worth it. Some of these companies can not only package your goods but also add barcode stickers, conduct inspections, and store or distribute the products.

Be up to date with your inventory

You always need to be aware of the products that you have available and the ones you do not have. If you have an unrealistic view of your inventory, then there will be delays in the delivery. Constantly update not only the inventory you see but also on your website. It is very frustrating when someone orders something just to find out that the item is not available.

Having your inventory up to date is not that hard these days. Finding the right software to manage your inventory will come a long way. It is the modern age and the help of computers is necessary. Especially if you want to expand and increase the production and delivery. In this time of the pandemic, delivery is now more important than ever.

The process of making the product needs to be under control

The reason for delivery dates being set back might be in the process of making the product. It is necessary to analyze internal processes which might be stopping the production. The problem might be in the delivery of faulty materials for example. It could even be in the carriers of your product. Whatever it may be, you need to thoroughly examine the production and delivery lines.

Have a realistic view of the deadlines

There is always that stress when owning a company and that is to fulfill the deadlines. Some people have a too idealistic perception of how they can handle them. That usually results in overestimating the situation and being at a bigger loss. Even if you just want the best and make more profits, it is not worth trying and making unrealistic deadlines. Make realistic deadlines and you will be at less stress and your customers will know correctly what to expect.

Even if you make a mistake, apologize

Mistakes happen to everyone, the most important thing is not to let that down you and move on. If you do not make a certain deadline and do not deliver on time, you must apologize to the customer. By apologizing, you will be transparent to the customer and they will appreciate it greatly. By hiding this and being unresponsive, you will just gain an image of a company that does not care.

Having the right delivery of your products might be as important as the product itself. If you can not make the deliveries in an orderly fashion, the customers will just buy stuff from other vendors that are more reliable. Having the right packaging company at your side will be of much help to achieve this goal. They will save you a lot of time and will always be able to fulfill your requests at the right time.

Your inventory needs to be updated at all times. This will keep a real image of the things you have and do not have and what you need to stock up on. If there are still some setback deliveries, you might want to check on the internal processes such as product production and material delivery. Making realistic deadlines will come a long way to not only ease the stress but also keep everything at bay. Even if a setback happens during delivery, make sure to apologize to the customer.

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Dennis Mitzner

Dennis Mitzner

Dennis is a Tel Aviv-based journalist covering startups and tech trends, with a focus on Israel and Scandinavia. He also works with startups to devise content and marketing strategies. Follow him on Twitter: @DennisMitzner