Starting College Soon? Here Is Some Helpful Advice

Starting College Soon? Here Is Some Helpful Advice
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If you are starting college soon, it can be hard to know what to expect. This blog post is for all of the high schoolers who are about to start their journey through higher education. I want to share some helpful advice that will make your first year a success!

The Equipment 

The first thing we recommend is a laptop. You will do more online homework than paper, so you must have one! If your school isn’t too strict on the type of computer you have to use, you should check out the best college laptops for your major; if you’re not sure about which to buy, start by looking and see the one that might be perfect for you!

The second recommendation is a printer. You may not need one right away, but many professors want you to turn in your work with hard copies, and some of the software for classes requires printed versions as well. Having that printer on hand can save you from running out to buy it when you really need it, so think about buying early if possible.

Lastly, we recommend buying a small refrigerator. College cafeterias are open at weird times and you may find yourself having to run out for dinner or with no time to eat your food before class starts. Having one of these babies in your room is way more convenient than running up the stairs every night, especially if you live on the first floor.

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready Before You Go

Be sure to get enough sleep the night before. Also, pack extra phone chargers and snacks in case lines are long at the cafeteria or bookstore. You should also read through all of your syllabi so that you know what is expected for each class and what you need to do for your assignments.

For example, some classes may have a lot of reading or papers which you will need time to complete during the semester. You can often find out from upperclassmen if this is true about certain professors’ teaching styles too. For example, some professors give pop quizzes in their lectures, whereas others don’t hold any major tests until near the end of the course. This information could be important in helping you decide how much time outside of class studying would be necessary for those courses with more homework requirements as opposed to just attending lectures without doing anything else beforehand.

Get Involved In Clubs And Activities On Campus

Being social is very important in college. Your friends will help you get through the hard classes and remind you to study for exams when other things are more tempting.

At least attempt to do this even if it means that at first, you don’t stick with it long term. It’s better than not trying at all! Make sure to find out what clubs are available on campus before settling on one so that there isn’t any overlap between interests. When signing up for classes, try taking a few electives instead of just focusing solely on required courses or major-specific classes, as those can be boring sometimes! As a bonus, some schools have special deals where students who take certain combinations of core curriculum classes get reduced tuition rates in their future years. In addition, many colleges also offer discounted or free tutoring services for students who struggle with their classes.

Buy Some Cheap Furniture For Your Dorm Room

You can find some great deals in local stores, but if you want to save the most money possible, it is best to shop online. Shop around and compare prices of different sites before making a purchase decision.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with sellers either! You might end up getting an even better deal than what was advertised originally.

It’s also important to consider how much time and effort will go into transporting your newly purchased furniture from place A (the store) all the way over to place B (your dorm). If this seems like too much work or trouble for you, perhaps hold off on buying until after move-in day so that someone else who lives close by can pick up your items for you instead. Don’t forget to check out off-campus merchants as well, like Target or Walmart. You might be surprised at how much you can save by not shopping within the walls of your college town!

Starting College Soon? Here Is Some Helpful Advice

This should be a time of growth and happiness. Remember to take the advice given here, but also remember that you are your best resource for solving problems in college. Above all else, make sure to keep an open mind! The opportunities available at college will take you places you never thought possible.


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