Top Career Choices for Students with a Master’s in Business Administration

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In every business, there needs to be an administrator that manages the finance, logistics, and human resources department. This role calls for someone who can take on various roles in a business. Most business administration careers require a college degree to enter the market, but these students should consider a higher-level master’s degree from the beginning.

Students who have earned an MBA or are still in the process of obtaining their qualifications can look forward to a wide variety of career choices. Here are the top careers every MBA graduate will be able to get into.

Administrative Assistant

The role of an administrative assistant is to be the right-hand person for the whole office. Many administrative assistants start at reception or managing the front office desk, but the job is more involved than that. As a graduate with an MBA, you have the perfect skills to manage the company’s records, both digital and paper-based, attend to customer queries, and manage meetings. An administrative assistant needs to be highly organized and exceptionally efficient in their responsibilities. As you will work with all the people in the office and may even manage large teams, you will need to be a people person that enjoys communicating with everyone.

As an assistant, it’s very important that you can manage various roles within the administration department, and you will most likely need to be a jack-of-all-trades as you will be the go-to person for most of the employees in the office.

Branch Manager

A branch manager is the next step up from running your department as an administrative assistant. Your responsibilities will be extended to managing not only more employees but the successful running of a branch. The world needs more skilled people with managerial skills and a branch manager is an ideal career to aim for. Prospective students looking into an MBA will be happy to know that many can get an entry-level management job straight out of university. With about three years of working experience, you can quickly be promoted to senior or executive-level positions.

Branch managers are in charge of all the people in a branch office and their sole duty is to make sure that all procedures are followed properly. In some cases, such as those in sales, branch managers may be responsible for managing sales targets, which brings an added advantage of commission that can be earned.

Human Resources Specialist

Human resource specialists are key players in developing workplace policies that directly involve all business owners and staff. Their job is to make sure that the company is following legal procedures when hiring, screening, or even firing employees. A human resource specialist will have specific knowledge in training and development, staff appraisals, labour relations, and employee compensations. Many people believe the HR managers are there for the employees, however, their specific title means that they are there to protect the business’s interests and not those of the staff.

The beauty about specializing your MBA for a human resource specialist position is that you can work anywhere in the world. As a consultant, you may be required to travel across the country assisting various businesses with their HR functions. The starting salary for this position is about $61,000 per year and MBA students in the U.S can pick from several top cities in which to work with the qualifications they have earned.

Research Analyst

Research is important to understand the way things have changed and the new technologies available as humanity evolves. Students with an MBA can work in almost any research field, whether it be financial analysis or marketing-related research to improve a business’s online presence. A research analyst is responsible for looking at large amounts of information and data and putting them into an easy-to-understand platform that can be used to make improvements in the business. The title may not state manager, but this role does require specific managerial abilities to perform, as you will most likely manage a team of individual researchers and analysts. 

A research analyst is someone who understands financial issues, products, and services, and how a target audience can be reached more successfully. An analyst may also be used in business where there are administrative shortfalls, such as in industrial psychology. In this profession, it’s important to identify when a process is not being conducted efficiently, and how it can be improved upon to increase productivity. 

Chartered Accountant

Many financiers don’t go for a Master’s in Business Administration, however, it’s the best starting point to gain foundational knowledge about financial accounting and company audits. Before you can become a CA you need to have a basic bachelor’s degree. This will allow you to specialize in the accounts and auditing field. The responsibilities include preparing for the company’s annual tax returns, managing company spending and budgets, audit financial transactions, and research ways to reduce company costs by increasing profits. 

With a master’s in this field, the opportunities are vast. There is always a need for experienced financial consultants, and CA’s are among the highest-paid professionals in the world. The basic starting salary is anywhere from $90,000 to $125,000 per annum, and it’s relatively easy to get into once you have earned that credible MBA qualification.

Marketing Manager

Marketing is more than just getting a company’s name out into the world. It requires careful planning and a deep understanding of social media and how people’s purchasing habits change over time. Marketing is one of those fields that are constantly changing to adapt to new technologies, specifically with many businesses now providing products and services online. It takes a unique perspective to understand how to engage people digitally, and to market the company in a way that makes people want to buy from them.

Students with an MBA can work in so many different industries, and even creative ones like a marketing manager are a good starting point to a successful career. You can become an associate right off the bat by working in the marketing department, but with an MBA you will be better suited to run this subdivision all by yourself. Marketing managers are considered the third highest-paid professional under careers that utilize an MBA, at an average of $135,000 a year. 

Business Developer

A business developer is someone who can successfully make sales by engaging with new clients and securing their business. These professionals are experts at creating a business where there is nothing, and they are particularly good at identifying shortfalls in any business model. Business developers are oftentimes more involved in every department of a business such as marketing, sales, production, and administration. Their main function is to bring new business to the company by building relationships with people.

A business developer should be someone who enjoys working with people and finding solutions to problems no one knew they had. The job also calls for a person with unique business strategies that has ideas on how to improve every department of a business. 

Sales Manager

A student may not gain an MBA with the intention of working in sales, however, it’s a very lucrative position to have if you’ve got the gift of the gab. Not everyone is a salesperson, and this job requires continuous communication with clients, and a willingness to find new business opportunities at every turn. 

Sometimes referred to as an account manager, sales managers will have a team of sales representatives that they are responsible for. Each person will have a set sales target to reach, and the sales manager’s target will be the whole team combined. This is a lot of stress to place on someone, and it takes good managerial skills to motivate your staff to sell. With the right company, you can look forward to anywhere from 10% to 30% commission on sales. If this percentage is based on turnover rather than profit, you can earn a substantial amount more than the average salesperson.

Logistics Manager

To ensure that a company has a successful supply chain, proper inventory procedures, and sufficient transportations mechanisms in place, they need a logistics manager. This person will be involved with the full lifecycle of the company from sourcing the product or service, to delivering it to a satisfied customer. Logisticians will have special software tailored to their business that assists to oversee all of these functions, however, their duties go far beyond this. 

Logistics managers need to have a team of reliable employees that can work fast and efficiently. This involves taking care of inventory and managing how different products are procured through reputable suppliers. This profession can be difficult when dealing with international transportation procedures, including governmental red-tape, and logistics managers should know how their specific industry operates to be truly successful in this position. 

An MBA graduate has so many opportunities to choose from when it comes to a career that they are almost spoilt for choice. It’s also a great advanced degree that allows students to enhance their previous bachelor’s degrees and talents. Although some people may believe that this degree is solely for business professionals, many people consider MBAs to be a fantastic way to advance their careers or to get more out of a job.

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