Edusity Launches Learning Management System for Enterprises

Edusity has launched. The learning management system (LMS) is a real-time, fully-interactive virtual classroom. Functionalities include document sharing, a virtual whiteboard, forums, chat capabilities and full video support.  “If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us,” says Mississauga-based co-founder Arvind Betala, “it is that online learning is easy to get wrong. We wanted […]

PayPal study: Pandemic accelerated digital transformation in Canadian SMBs

A new study by PayPal Canada, Business of Change: PayPal Canada Small Business Study, shows how dramatically the pandemic has accelerated digital commerce for Canadian small businesses. Two in three small businesses (67%) accept payments online and half (47%) of them only started doing so this year. Of all small businesses selling online, one third […]

How To Plan And Deploy Your Enterprise Containerization Strategy

(Image: Kristin Hillary)   There are several comprehensive steps to plan and deploy a successful enterprise containerization strategy. Software containers are standard units that package a code along with all of its dependencies into a sealed ‘container.’ Once sealed inside, these containers can be transferred quickly and efficiently from one operating system to another. With […]

Devotion Hacking: How to use advocates to build trust, increase referrals, and reduce churn

Advocate: One that pleads the cause of another Executives are bombarded with dozens, sometimes hundreds of emails per day. They ignore most of the marketing messages they receive, even from the mailing lists they subscribed to! What’s more, consumers are increasingly skeptical of endorsements from industry experts and traditional media sources. They crave authenticity and […]

Effective B2B Marketing: Everything you’ve wanted to know about B2B traction

Traction: a repeatable, scalable way to get, keep and grow customers and revenue Most businesses don’t fail because they don’t build good products, they fail because they can’t generate traction. Let’s be honest, getting traction for your company isn’t easy. As a business, you need a strong team, customers, and a differentiated product or service […]