CBC interviews B2B NN president Jen Evans on Apple-FBI controversy

Apple’s refusal to comply with FBI request to access San Bernadino shooter’s communications is a line in the sand, says the president of B2B News Network Jen Evans. B2B NN president and co-founder Jen Evans joined a lively discussion on CBC’s The Current radio program Thursday morning on the controversy surrounding the FBI requesting access […]

Social media spend expected to climb, but its ROI is elusive

According to the recent The CMO Survey, social media spending is expected to climb to a 20.9 percent share of marketing budgets in the next five years.  This share only reached 5.6 percent in 2009. But most shocking is that only 3.4 percent of marketing leaders say that social media contributes very highly to firm performance, with 40 percent of survey respondents reporting […]

LinkedIn shares plunge as much as 43% after announcing disappointing earnings report

It wasn’t a good day for LinkedIn. The social network’s shares sank as much as 43 per cent on Friday, wiping out nearly $11 billion (U.S.) of market value. The stock bottomed out to a three-year low of $109.50, registering its sharpest decline since the company’s high-profile public listing in 2011. LinkedIn forecast full-year revenue of $3.60-$3.65-billion, missing […]

1 in 4 execs say Internet of Things is already delivering results

TEKsystems, an IT staffing company, found close to one in four organizations (22 percent) have reached the stage where IoT initiatives “are having a substantial impact” on their businesses. The survey also found “the majority of organizations (55 percent) expect IoT initiatives to have a high level of impact on their business over the next five […]

Marshall Kirkpatrick’s social discovery platform Little Bird gets a makeover

If you’re on the prowl for influencers in your space, no matter your field, we can’t say enough good things about the revamping of Little Bird, a social discovery platform quarterbacked by Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO of the company and former co-editor of ReadWriteWeb. Available for four years, Little Bird lets you find and engage with influencers, while also […]

Microsoft brings augmented reality to your video conferencing

Your video conferencing may soon get a lot more virtual: Microsoft showed off a beta version of a video-call technology using augmented reality, allowing you to “see” a projection of individuals in your meeting. The innovation projects a person into a room hologram-style, so that they seem to be sitting in a chair across from the person […]

Who should we feature in our list of top B2B online groups? We want to hear from you!

If you discuss B2B trends and news and advice in various online hubs, we want to know about your go-to destinations. Which online communities impress you, or inspire you, or get your creative juices going? It could be a blog group, a forum, a Facebook Group, a LinkedIn discussion network, a news network with a vibrant […]

B2B News Network’s 2015 B2B Influencer Index

2015 was a huge year for B2B. Companies like Dell doubled down on the enterprise, Facebook starts making moves into the workplace, and structure was in shift everywhere, from unicorns like Sprinklr starting to play a dominant role in B2B social, HP splitting in half, and Dell/VMware coming together. With software firmly transitioning to SaaS and […]

Introducing Shelly Lucas, our first inductee on the 2015 B2B Influencer Index

As many of you may know, B2B NN is curating the first-ever 2015 B2B Influencer Index, thanks to many of our readers submitting nominees they deemed worthy of this auspicious honour. We are looking for the top B2B professionals who are impacting their field and winning acclaim for successful accomplishments in 2015, and we will […]

Why 2016 could see more mergers, acquisitions in ad industry

2016 could be the year we see a major increase in M&A activity within the advertising space, according to new data from mergers and acquisitions firm AdMedia Partners. More than half of the survey respondents (54 percent) said they would explore a sale of their company next year. Last year’s survey saw 40 percent of respondents saying […]