B2B Community Spotlight: The Customer Experience Professionals Association

In the world of B2B, online communities see lively discussion and debate from their members. They also see the sharing of resources and knowledge contributed by field experts and host well-planned live events. For those who work in the field of customer experience, this paid-access website for the Customer Experience Professionals Association is a must-bookmark. […]

Nominations open for our B2B Logistics and Distribution Index

Technology is changing everything, including the way that physical (and non-physical) goods are procured, purchased, shipped and managed. The explosion of tracking and sensor technologies, the shifts toward artificial intelligence-based just-in-time resource management and provisioning is changing everything from events to pricing. The argument for using AI comes down to the reduction of expenses. Fixed […]

Fintech Expert Ferhan Patel: Continued disruption of banking & finance

The quest for better user experience, says one fintech expert, is driving the continued disruption of banking and finance. Whether its currency exchange or alternative currencies, new payment systems, invoicing, lending, managing cash flow and sourcing investment and fraud management, fintech is enabling improvements to every area of process. “Each of these areas have historically […]

Social Listening Spotlight: CommunityWorks owner Kelly Hungerford

Social listening is still an emerging space and a relatively small percentage of B2B firms Social intelligence is definitely a growth area as B2B use of social continues to expand, almost unnoticed by platforms like Twitter, and demonstrating great utility for B2B  advertisers. Freelance digital strategist Kelly Hungerford is the owner of CommunityWorks (http://communityworks.io/), a […]

The B2BNN Fintech Influencer Index

Called the future of finance, fintech – and the reliability of transactions that it offers – is changing the way B2Bs are offering financial services through alternative currencies, new payment systems, invoicing, lending, managing cash flow and sourcing investment and fraud management. “Each of these areas have historically been part of the banking infrastructure,” Montreal-based […]

B2B Best Practices: Content marketing with James Mathewson & Mike Moran

‘Inside-out’ is how marketing has been practiced since marketing was invented. With inside-out marketing, a company develops clever brand names and iconic imagery to differentiate their products from the marketplace, and then create ads that push that branding on prospective customers. They’re casting a wide net, so these marketers are content to get a minuscule […]

B2B Owners to Save Time & Money with Ontario Pilot Program

Ontario’s B2B owners can benefit from a new program aiming to generate employment opportunities. The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure has partnered with financial institutions to launch the Rate Drop Rebate pilot, which is looking to create 1,100 new employment opportunities for students, long-term unemployed, older unemployed, people with disabilities, newcomers to […]

B2B Inspiration: Hacking Marketing with Scott Brinker

Over the past decade, marketing responsibilities and tactics have changed dramatically, a prominent marketing technologist said. In today’s digital world, Scott Brinker likens the challenges of creating great marketing with those of creating great software. “They’re both juggling an explosion of digitally powered interactions in a tornado of constant change and innovation,” Brinker said. “They’re […]