Social media management companies have yet to peak despite cuts: Experts

Despite job cuts at two large social media management companies over the past few months, Hootsuite and TweetDeck won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, social media experts told B2B News Network. B2B companies can rest easy about keeping their access to the valuable management tools that allow their teams to collaborate on social media efforts, […]

What you need to know about Derek Handova, B2B News Network’s Top Contributor of 2015

2015 was an eventful year for B2B, said Derek Handova, who won B2BNN’s inaugural Contributor of the Year Award. There was the continuing consolidation of the old-line enterprise software players and on-premises software has seen its peak and will continue to decline, he said. IBM has and will continue to buy bit players in different […]

Why your B2B sales recruitment tactics needs to stand out from the pack [Part 1]

Tech companies are snapping up B2B sales professionals, which has created a demand that’s just not being met. In turn, these companies aren’t meeting their potential for growth. According to a recent report in The Business Journals, technical sales and sales management positions have always been hard to fill. With the enterprise tech market heating […]

Women in B2B: Vicki Saunders on her plan to help support female-run businesses

This is the next instalment of our new profile series on B2Bnn: Women in B2B, sponsored by SqueezeCMM. With these profiles, you’ll learn about the careers and business goals of inspiring female leaders in the B2B industry.  A new project aiming to meet the tremendous need for and by female-led ventures will be giving five Canadian businesses a […]

How B2B marketing set itself apart from B2C marketing

B2B marketing requires a unique set of skills from marketers and researchers, a recent white paper published on B2B International While marketers recognize the differences between the B2B and B2C spaces and are adjusting their tactics accordingly, they still need to let go of old assumptions about B2B marketing, according to Toronto-based B2B marketer Lisa Shepherd in […]

Infographic: Squeeze the most juice out of your marketing campaigns

Looking for ways to grow your B2B business? You may want to consider analyzing how much effort and spend you put into your marketing and social advertising campaigns. According to a new infographic by Captora and Column Five, 46 percent of companies reported spending less than nine percent of their revenue on marketing, but companies that are outperforming their competitors […]