How Startup Accelerators Can Fast-Track Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Source:  Coming up with a brilliant business concept that has the potential to disrupt the market is only the first step in your entrepreneurship journey. You have a long way to go before you can convert this idea into a commercial, profitable enterprise. Typically, the process of entering the startup ecosystem is not only […]

AI and CBD: How Machine Learning Can Help MMJ Card Services

Artificial intelligence is growing increasingly sophisticated. From its origins in science fiction, AI can now be found everywhere today, from self-driving cars to smartphones and apps. The technology has also trickled down to SMEs, with different industries making use of machine learning in sales, marketing and business process optimization. The medical marijuana card industry also […]

Three Ways Corporate Leaders Can Step Up Climate Action 

by Adrian Thomas, Canada Country President, Schneider Electric We recognize the global signals of climate change: rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, wildfires and floods. With these impacts becoming more persistent, when will we collectively accept the current state of climate change is a crisis that we must resolve now?  Canada has pledged commitments to cut greenhouse gas […]

5 Customer Engagement Strategies That Will Increase Your Conversions

Conversions and customer engagement are closely related. Engaged clients establish solid, long-lasting bonds with the business, increasing loyalty and boosting conversion rates. However, a devoted client base does not increase on its own. It’s the outcome of careful planning, research, and execution that initially offers a first-rate client experience. Continue reading for 5 effective tactics […]

Lessons learned in growing a business to more than $20 million in the blink of an eye

By: Garrett Mehrguth Scaling a business. The word “scale” can mean different things to different people. What scaling really means is taking your business to the next level by, well, really getting your stuff together before you can climb the next rung of the success ladder. Entrepreneurs love to talk about how they’re going to […]

Understanding Economic Resilience Through the Three Personas of Change

by Ted Grossman, Tech Principal, Alexander Group In recent years, the state of the economy has grown increasingly turbulent amid a host of supply chain disruptions, geo-political influences, and rising inflation. These unpredictable external market factors, combined with the rapid speed at which technology evolves, makes it exceedingly difficult to for players in the high tech industry to ensure consistent growth andprofitability. Furthermore, as competition continues to innovate and […]

What does digital transformation mean in 2022?

By Garry Hamilton, Chief Growth Officer and Founder, Equator Amid global economic gloom, the manufacturing sector remains a beacon of hope that a second “Roaring Twenties” decade of industrial investment and unrestrained productivity might still happen. Central to this positive outlook is the promise of the vast sums that are set to be spent on intelligent manufacturing. According to ABI Research, a global […]

5 ways to prepare for the next internet outage

By Jason Falovo When a network goes down, we realize how much we rely on connectivity to conduct business. The most recent nationwideoutage prompted many retailers to only accept cash, with ATMs and credit card transactions widely unavailable. Even emergency services were impacted. The outage highlighted the need for failover strategies that ensure network data can be rerouted on a secondary or back up network if the primary network link fails.  […]

How employers can attract and retain their people in times of economic uncertainty

By Marc LeCuyer, Vice President, Americas Technology Workflows GTM, ServiceNow Canada From the incredibly hot labour market that was on fire for the first half of the year to an economy that is now seeing inflation climb to the highest point we’ve seen in decades, we’re experiencing a perfect storm of societal and economic change in […]