Content Marketing Assets: A Primer

Content marketing was created for companies rooted in science, medicine, technology, humanities and the arts. These are products and services that can’t be encapsulated in a jingle or slogan. Companies rooted in the adventures of the intellect and imagination have to be explained. It’s an education for customers, potential customers, future employees and possible partners. […]

What to Consider When Hiring an SEO Company

How Video Creates An Impact On SEO

Videos have a positive impact on the SEO ranking of your site. And there are relevant numbers to prove this fact: YouTube has more than a billion users. Videos account for almost three-quarters of online traffic. More than 500 million individuals watch videos on Facebook every day. These are whopping numbers to prove that video […]

Embracing unpredictability: what large enterprises can learn from lean strategy experimentation

“The true method of knowledge is experimentation”, said William Blake famously. Tom Weckström is Entrepreneur in Residence at Coventures Oy Learning, testing, tinkering, trying, prodding. Whichever verb one wishes to use, knowledge is produced by trying out different approaches and comparing the outcomes, similar to the scientific method. It’s also key to fending off uncertainty. […]

What are online shoppers most concerned with in 2022? Security, sustainability, and seamless CX

Rafael Lourenco, EVP & Partner, ClearSale Two years after the big pivot to ecommerce, consumers are over having to deal with disruption like out-of-stock items, shipping delays, and clunky checkout procedures. Now, recent studies show that online shoppers expect secure buying experiences that are free of friction — and meet their criteria for sustainability. ecommerce merchants […]

Changing Channels: Why Partner Technology is Key to Navigating a Competitive Marketplace

Tom Perry, CEO of The Sherpa Group Competition in the Channel is keener than ever, driven by a frenzy of activity from rival vendors and many new partner types starting to deliver technology-led solutions. There are some obvious challenges that organisations face in activating and engaging partners, but at Sherpa we believe in a four-point approach to handling a fast-moving market. The market […]

MVX Selects 10 High Potential Women-Owned Export Businesses for Zero Cost Shipping to US

10 women-run small and medium export businesses have won the MVX #BreakTheBiasinTrade Campaign. The list includes Blissomo Enterprise, Omonide Farms, Oklan Best, Yours Truly Enterprise, Toluwalashe Farms, Frijay Consult LTD, Grandma Foods, Shield of Women, Addy Foods, and Deluxe Flour. To recognize International Women’s Month in March, MVX kicked off the #BreakTheBiasinTrade campaign to support […]

PWD and Allies: NEW $20 a month high bandwidth internet; federal disability benefit update; Twitter spaces + more; newsletter issue one

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first issue of the People with Disabilities and Allies newsletter. You can register on our website if this was forwarded to you or you are reading it online. This newsletter will be published weekly and cover topics of interest to Canadian people with disabilities, including updates on legislation, petitions, […]