Best of B2BNN 2017: Why these 10 stories resonated with senior business leaders

Assessing the performance of stories on B2B News Network is probably a little different than most other online publications.  First, there’s the nature of the audience, which spans everyone from CMOs and CIOs to heads of sales and even company owners or CEOs. Although some of what we publish would be of interest to all of them, there are […]

B2BNN Announces Structure Change

B2B News Network Announces Structure Change

B2B News Network, which provides information and insight to empower executive decision-makers in every sector, has made an addition to its leadership team and appointed its first CMO as it brings increased clarity and focus to its editorial and marketing functions. Kris Schulze, formerly the Executive Editor of B2BNN, will take on the newly-created CMO […]

What you need to know about Derek Handova, B2B News Network’s Top Contributor of 2015

2015 was an eventful year for B2B, said Derek Handova, who won B2BNN’s inaugural Contributor of the Year Award. There was the continuing consolidation of the old-line enterprise software players and on-premises software has seen its peak and will continue to decline, he said. IBM has and will continue to buy bit players in different […]

Got questions about your B2B career? Ask our experts, get answers in our regular column

It isn’t easy working in the B2B space. There isn’t any post-secondary degree specifically for the B2B exec-to-be, and many B2B professionals are forced to be self-taught. So that’s where Ask the B2B Expert comes in. This new column from B2B News Network lets you ask a question to our 30-plus experts in B2B leadership, […]

How we launched B2BNN on Twitter: Day One to two weeks

Launching a new B2B presence on social networks with zero budget and no existing web presence on a Friday night? Requires tons of patience and you won’t really see results for months, right?   Not necessarily. On September 19 2014 we launched the @b2bnewsnetwork Twitter account. We kicked off (somewhat unintentionally) at the worst time […]