B2B Solution of the Week: How enterprises can monetize data

Running a B2B company has its challenges. Competition remains intense, profit margins are too thin and the top line has plateaued. How can B2B find secondary revenue sources? The answer could lie in part within business intelligence (BI) data monetization. “Data monetization is an increasingly popular trend among B2B enterprises,” says Ramon Chen, chief marketing […]

FlipMyFunnel Roadshow: Creating a demand generation engine with account-based marketing

As part of the FlipMyFunnel Roadshow in San Francisco, Feb. 25, one of the first sessions put the focus on creating a demand generation engine with account-based marketing (ABM). Together, Ken Wincko, senior vice president, marketing, PRNewswire, and Adam Needles, chief strategy officer, ANNUITAS, a B2B demand strategy firm, discussed how the online news service […]

B2B Solution of the Week: Inside the future of predictive analytics

If you visit 6sense, a predictive analytics provider for sales and marketing, in San Francisco, you might expect that a converted Victorian house or a gleaming office tower will house the B2B startup. However, 6sense and its founder and CEO Amanda Kahlow aspire to humbler external trappings, choosing a converted warehouse/loft off an alley across […]

Marshall Kirkpatrick’s social discovery platform Little Bird gets a makeover

If you’re on the prowl for influencers in your space, no matter your field, we can’t say enough good things about the revamping of Little Bird, a social discovery platform quarterbacked by Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO of the company and former co-editor of ReadWriteWeb. Available for four years, Little Bird lets you find and engage with influencers, while also […]

Salesforce, Box partnership shaking up the B2B storage space

Salesforce and Box announced a new partnership today, which would bring documents from Box’s cloud storage and content management solution into Salesforce. Using a new tool that will launch in February, users could share Box files inside Salesforce, both from the service’s web interface and mobile applications. For example, as CIO.com writes, “when commenting on a sales opportunity, users will […]

B2B Solution of the Week: Integrating predictive analytics with larger enterprise software

There’s a lot of talk lately about predictive analytics, and undoubtedly it is starting to infiltrate the B2B software industry. In the last year plus Salesforce.com acquired RelateIQ and LinkedIn bought out Fliptop, making meaningful progress in this space. But how will they implement predictive analytics solutions within their larger B2B cloud ecosystems? What approaches […]

Twitter adds new analytics tool to help brands learn what users are saying about them

Twitter announced a new suite of analytics tools to helps advertisers “quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation,” as a blog post states. Brand Hub offers metrics that help marketers glean insights from real-time conversations about their firm. Today we’re excited to announce Twitter Brand Hub, the newest addition to […]

TractionSF Conference: Tips on turning data into B2B customer insights

One of the B2B startup world’s most entertaining presenters and intriguing thinkers, Peep Laja, CEO and founder of ConversionXL, delivered a fast-paced presentation—literally and figuratively—on how to turn customer data into insights and customers at the recent Traction Conference in San Francisco, where he and other experts presented concepts for more revenue and additional users. […]

How Microsoft truly uses Spark and Cassandra for Big Data analytics

At the recent @Scale Conference in San Jose, Calif., leading figures and experts in computer engineering, coding and cloud computing gathered to share news, views, successes and failures of their profession. One of those experts, Arun Jayandra, software development lead at Microsoft, shared his experiences using Spark cluster computing and Cassandra database technologies for Big Data […]

How to measure effectiveness in B2B content marketing

An old saw from the construction trades—literally involving a saw—says to measure twice and cut once. Something similar yet different seems applicable to B2B content marketing. Except that in this case B2B content marketers must measure all the time and cut all the time. However, B2B campaigns measure after finishing the work. Then reworks the […]

What you need to know about Engagement Labs

Recently, Montreal-based social media analytics company Engagement Labs announced that it has acquired Keller Fay Group, a multinational organization which specializes in offline social media analytics. How does this acquisition align with Engagement Labs’ long term strategy, and how can B2Bs benefit from this new, integrated offering? Since 2008, Engagement Labs has been providing analytical […]