US accounts for 73% of all live Shopify websites announced new research showing US stores account for 73% of all live Shopify eCommerce websites worldwide at 1.09 million Data acquired by indicates that the United States accounts for the highest number of live Shopify eCommerce websites at 1.09 million. The number represents about 73.24% of all Shopify eCommerce live websites globally. Health […]

Ting to bring Crazy Fast Fiber Internet® to Culver City, CA

Announcing the next California city to get gigabit fiber Internet from Ting Internet Ting Internet, a division of Tucows, is expanding its fiber Internet service in California. Culver City joins Solana Beach (announced November 2019), and Fullerton (announced April 2019), to become the third Ting Internet town in California, and 12th in the U.S. Ting […]

Robot Influencers Are Reshaping the World of Social Media

Introducing … your new digital influencer, a non-human!   Around 7% of companies are looking to invest over a million dollars in influencer marketing in 2020. It’s no wonder that influencer marketing is a lucrative business and this is the reason why so many companies are launching robot influencers to post content on behalf of […]

Is It Time for B2B to Integrate Bitcoin Payments?

(Image credit: Andre Francois McKenzie) As Bitcoin enters a new phase of acceptance, maturity, and penetration, the B2B sector should take into account its numerous benefits. Even with Thriving E-Commerce, Free Market Shows Its Limits   The internet marked a major milestone for humanity. For the first time ever, instead of relying on institutional gatekeepers, […]

How Outsourcing IT Support to an MSP Will Benefit Your Business

Photo credit: @arturtumasjan Businesses across the world have a lot on their plate. From managing customer relations to establishing an attractive company culture, there’s no limit to the requirements most executives and managers are tasked with dealing with. As a result, keeping track of their IT support can seem like an unattainable goal. As technology […]

Here’s Why RFID Tracking Will Never Go Out of Style

  Now that B2B global communications networks have made it possible to share data across vast distances in real time, RFID tracking has revolutionized B2B shipping, warehousing, and logistics. Supply chain specialists can now keep closer track of shipments than ever before. And it’s not just a matter of tracking their physical location. RFID tracking […]

Stericycle’s Kal Irani: My Post Covid Tech Existence

  Name: Kal Irani Title: Vice President, Go-to-Market Strategy, Stericycle Website: What you did before the pandemic: In my role at Stericycle, I focus on the development of go-to-market strategies, including the execution of demand generation initiatives across the business to accelerate growth at scale for North America. Managing company-wide commercial transformation initiatives demands comprehensive levels of […]

The importance of the greater data centric shift by B2B organizations as we produce data at a big pace

The shift to a more data centric approach

Why B2B organizations need to shift to a more data-centric approach Businesses are producing and analyzing data at a rapidly increasing rate. Whether it’s financial information, manufacturing and supply chain data, customer insights, or statistics from Internet-of-Things-enabled devices, data is generating new insights. The data-centric approach is creating new efficiencies and contributing to the bottom […]

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Over $550m raised in major fintech investment rounds last week

Data acquired by indicates that the top 25 fintech companies raised $554.17 million over the past week. Razorpay and Wealthsimple leads in funding From the data, the payment platform Razorpay raised the highest amount at $100 million to account for 18.04% of the amount raised by the companies. Wealthsimple raised the second-highest amount at […]

How To Plan And Deploy Your Enterprise Containerization Strategy

(Image: Kristin Hillary)   There are several comprehensive steps to plan and deploy a successful enterprise containerization strategy. Software containers are standard units that package a code along with all of its dependencies into a sealed ‘container.’ Once sealed inside, these containers can be transferred quickly and efficiently from one operating system to another. With […]

The steps you can take to secure your crypto wallet for B2B payments

The steps you can take to secure your crypto wallet for B2B payments

Cryptocurrencies have shaken up the digital world, reimagining how businesses can conduct business — it’s a new global payment system where payments are speedier and more secure. In a new digital age where electronic payment is becoming widely accepted, cryptocurrencies appear to be an attractive solution for international payments. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the […]