Strengthen Your Organization’s Security Posture

by Gregg Ostrowski A strong security posture means having the necessary processes and technology in place to protect applications and businesses from vulnerabilities and threats. In a world where sensitive data is constantly at risk of being compromised by malicious actors, this helps predict, prevent and respond to threats. Since many organizations are rapidly transforming […]

5 Tips For Customer Data Management Success

5 Tips For Customer Data Management Success

Customer data management (CDM) is a crucial element of a successful business, especially when there’s intense market competition, increased customer expectation, and a need for better decision-making processes. What is CDM, and how can it help your business? CDM is the process of acquiring, storing, and organizing consumer information to personalize interaction to boost conversion […]

Using Technology to Reduce Operational Risk

Using Technology to Reduce Operational Risk

Once frequently overlooked, businesses are increasingly developing operational risk teams to analyze and track the risk associated with their conduct and choices. For banks and other regulated industries, this area of risk management is nothing new.  For other industries, understanding operational risk requires a significant shift in how companies think about their own risk profiles […]

5 Advantages of Data Management Platforms

5 Advantages of Data Management Platforms

As data collection grows – the data has always been produced, but now we have means to capture and use it –so too does its potential for moving a business forward. But to unlock and maximize the collected data’s benefits, you must analyze and organize it first to extract its valuable insights. This is especially true for companies that make use of unstructured data. This is […]

Digital Identity Verification

Obliterating Deception With Digital Identity Verification

Digital identity should be unique to individuals in a technological environment. People should establish their existence and describe their characteristics through it. Verifying a person’s name, identity, and presence has long been a prerequisite in complex human societies. Today, various identity verification methods are used to authenticate and prove identification. They help blur the borders […]

Best Cloud-Based LMS

5 Best Cloud-Based LMS To Look Out For

Cloud-based eLearning has opened new avenues for organizations and employees. It has allowed organizations to hire the best talent remotely and not worry about getting them ready for their job roles.  It has proven even more beneficial for employees by giving them flexibility and more control over their training processes. Cloud-based learning allows companies to […]

Hire Flutter Developers

Best Practices for An Effective Knowledge Management Strategy

No matter the industry, more companies have begun to recognize that knowledge is an asset and should be shared across the workforce. To harness the value of their shared knowledge, companies have started to create a knowledge management strategy specific to their organization. Knowledge management strategies help employees by empowering them to create, collaborate, and […]