Many women are reluctant to talk about the new difficulties of combining work and motherhood during COVID-19. The emerging picture suggests the stress and worry over being able to go to work is not limited to nurses. The experience goes far beyond health care.

Marketers Should Embrace, Not Fear, Artificial Intelligence

The world of marketing is awash with conversations on emerging technologies, apps, and innovations that will disrupt the way we do things. In 2017 one specific topic dominates the conversation: artificial intelligence. So what is the role of artificial intelligence in technology, society, and our future. Mark Schaefer, marketing consultant and best-selling author, sums up […]

Where is Martech now?

Somewhere, between sarcasm and wonder, Martech came out of the cloud. The term has become associated with a plethora of catch phrases and even bigger budget spends. Now, Martech is likely to be described as an integrated enterprise marketing suite, or as a big-data-marketing-sales-retention cycle dashboard to end all dashboards. It is an idea everyone […]