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Content Sponsorships with B2BNN

B2BNN’s goal is to provide b2b content marketers with the audience, reach, metrics and insight needed to deliver lead generation results back to sales and executives.

What we offer:
Content and Lead Gen Programs: get your B2B content in front of a wider but targeted audience of up to 1.5 million monthly uniques and 100K+ B2B social followers and 1000+ daily email subscribers. Then, put that content to work generating leads by hosting with us or sponsoring one of our content programs. Programs start at six months. Get a quote See an example

Explainers: some products are difficult to explain, and our newest product, B2BNN Storylines, get to the heart of the story of why your product or service or business came to be, and gives it the graphic novel treatment. We guarantee you’ll be sharing these with customers and prospects, but family members too, who’ll finally say things like, Now I understand what unified communications is!

Influencer Program Sponsorships: Top secret! Contact us for details.

B2BNN Audience Frameworks: in 2015 B2bNN acquired Digital Fieldwork, a groundbreaking online audience research company that maps the 3 most critical areas to effectively reach an online audience: the digital habits, information and digital culture of target audiences, so marketers can develop the most effective content marketing and digital programs. Custom reports take 8-60 days to complete and can be done for any audience or segment. Engagements begin with a collaborative exercise defining the audience.

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B2BNN Newsdesk

B2BNN Newsdesk

We marry disciplined research methodology and extensive field experience with a publishing network that spans globally in order to create a totally new type of publishing environment designed specifically for B2B sales people, marketers, technologists and entrepreneurs.

I noticed the logo, top of your page, is low-res (slightly grey background on some screens, and fuzzy). May be a higher resolution version of your logo (attached) here. I analyzed your font, and it looks likes Libre Baskerville, so you could also simply create it using google webfonts. Anyway, hope this helps.


Here's an even higher resolution one I whipped up, for use anywhere else. Don't be offended - just figured I'd help out in case you needed it.