Esther Willinger

Inside The Mind Of . . . Esther Willinger

Esther Willinger founded, and is director of Eden Advertising & Interactive, a progressive marketing agency, that includes a team of designers, web developers, programmers, writers, search engine analysts and marketing strategists. Since 1998, Eden has combined creative, technical and online marketing expertise to meet clients’ growth objectives. Esther’s talent lies in helping businesses achieve their desired […]


Xerox Recruits Lee Child, Aimee Mann And Others For Digital Literary Project

Best-selling authors, an indie singer-songwriter and a former U.S. Poet Laureate have all contributed to an online-only book-in-progress from Xerox that explores the future of work. The company this week launched the first phase of, which features original stories with Lee Child (author of the “Jack Reacher” thrillers), musician Aimee Mann and poet Billy […]

SqueezeCMM, B2BNN’s Sister Company, Releases New Conversion Tracking Module

Our sister company SqueezeCMM, an enterprise content measurement platform, launched a new module today for tracking conversion performance from native ads and branded content. It’s now the first platform that can track content responses across organic, paid, social, messaging, and native platforms. Mediacom said that the company’s classification engine allows for psychographic targeting. It also […]

StackAdapt: Native advertising outperforms display ads; B2B trailing in adoption

When assessing paid advertising, a recent battle worth watching is the performance of traditional display ads versus the emerging format of native ads or sponsored content. A new study uncovered revealing insights in how each performed on a specific network. Also, we interview an ad-tech insider to learn how B2B firms can leverage native ads. Findings from 1500 […]

Brian Solis on how to tell better brand stories without brand journalism

Terms like content marketing and more recently “brand journalism” have captured the attention of B2B marketers for some time. However, many people talk about brand journalism but nobody’s doing it. At least nobody’s doing it very well. That could be one of the takeaways  from last week’s Content Marketing Summit at LinkedIn, presented by Ragan Communications […]

Do B2B enterprises need Chief Native Officers?

As technology evolves so do marketing channels.  Traditional marketing covers display ads, billboards, TV, and radio. Digital marketing sees content reach consumers through a digital screen. Social media and mobile marketing, which are more sub-channels of Digital, merit their own categories given their growth rates. In previous years, all of these marketing channels would have […]

Forbes the latest publisher to place native ad on cover

A native ad for Fidelity is on the cover of the latest issue of Forbes, which hits newsstands today. The ad is on the actual cover and it’s not part of a foldout or second cover. These ads would appear to depart from the American Society of Magazine Editors’ editorial guidelines, including the directive “Don’t Print Ads […]

No debate about native advertising — great content still wins

The great debate among media, advertising and marketing professionals continues: Is native advertising a strong strategy? How you answer that question usually depends on where you ply your trade. The question has different meanings to different industries. Are native ads a threat? A trick? An opportunity? The future? Is it even fresh thinking or just an age-old tactic varnished with a […]