6 Key Monitoring Metrics to Pay Attention to When Measuring App Performance

Advancements in technology have opened new avenues through which businesses are able to interact with their customers and initiate transactions. Gone are the days when businesses spent long periods of time and significant amounts of money developing applications. Today, all businesses need to do is to come up with the functionalities that they need then […]

Forensic Consultants

How Forensic Consultants Help Businesses

Forensic consultants, also known as forensic investigators, are professionals who investigate crimes that involve businesses. They typically work for police departments or private corporations. The article will help you understand how they work and the role they play in the business world. 1. Offer advice Forensic consultants often offer business-advisory services to their clients. If […]

What You Should Know About Strategic Communications Consultancies

  There are countless advantages to implementing strategic communications within an organization. Strategic communication can help increase the overall productivity, output, and work quality of employees in the workplace. It also helps establish a strong presence in the industry, promoting trust between the organization and its customers. These are all very important factors that contribute […]

Supply Chain Reactivity: In Conversation with Mike McGrath of Kwayga

COVID-19 was not the first disruption of the global food supply chain. In the European Union, there was also Brexit. Kwayga, a start-up based in Cork, Ireland responded with what its CPO Mike McGrath describes as “the Tinder of supply chain technology.” The intent, though, is to maintain a relationship-focus with new partners rather than […]