4 Tips For Working Efficiently In A Remote Team

Technology has given us many wonderful things, from making distances shorter through mobile telecommunication to introducing artificial intelligence in the most mundane of activities. With the power of advanced technology, we can now do things that were earlier thought impossible. Working without ever being in an organized office space is one such trend that modern […]

Cybersecurity: Problems, Risks, and Solutions

Information risks are a real problem for modern business. No matter what niche your company operates in, it is exposed to the actions of hackers and cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely isolate your business from the risks of this kind. The absence of a company official website negatively affects its rating, brand, customer […]

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How political marketers can build first-party datasets at the local and federal level

After 2016 and Cambridge Analytica, data has a strange role in politics: necessary, but kinda dirty. Substantial changes to social media platforms’ data policies have occurred and continue to occur. Canada’s Bill C-76 has some of the most stringent disclosure requirements on digital advertising anywhere, including requiring disclosure on organic social posts. Third-Party Data Some […]

Tips for Optimizing Cannabis Social Media

Sure, you can run your social media marketing campaign or post on Instagram or Facebook using your smartphone or mobile device, but you might not be able to gain results without a clear strategy in mind.  For this reason, it’s wiser to strategize in order to gain followers, improve sales, and extend your influence on […]