5 Ways to Increase Sales Now

Increasing the number of sales your business processes is a sure-fire way to boost your profitability. After all, the more sales you make, the more revenue you’ll generate. While all companies strive to optimize sales, securing a larger share of the market isn’t always easy. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that hidden costs don’t devalue […]

5 Tips for Getting More Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Image source: Pixabay For many businesses, customer reviews and testimonials are vital to building a successful brand. They help you measure customer satisfaction and improve your products or services.  However, collecting customer feedback can sometimes become tricky, mainly because customers do not have a responsibility to provide feedback after every purchase.  But there is no reason […]

5 Challenges To Overcome When Hiring An Offshore Development Team

When hiring an offshore development team, there are several challenges to overcome. Many businesses outsource development to countries such as Brazil, Philippines and China. This way, they reduce costs, capitalize on new skills, and ensure project progress. While these resources boost business efficiency, there are several unique challenges posed by these international partnerships. As a […]

How to Defend Against Phishing

If you check your email on a daily basis, you may have witnessed some odd emails reaching your inbox. For instance, an email from your bank asking for credit card details or bank account number to credit the jackpot money you have won.Although tempting, such messages typically are anything but sincere. Another one is an […]