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Why an RTB business decided to set up shop in crisis-plagued Greece

Last updated on July 24th, 2015 at 04:33 pm

This is an unusual story, but an important story for B2B professionals. It’s a story about seeing an opportunity in the midst of tragedy. And we all are aware of the Greek tragedies filling headline space this summer.

A demand-side platform (DSP) from Poland has decided to expand to Greece despite the economical crisis ravaging the country. RTB House, which works in ad-tech, is hiring business partner Alexandros Rigas to help boost its investment in Greece, as AdExchanger wrote.

“We have global aspirations to be everywhere and to secure business in every country,” says RTB House business development director Maciek Mikolajczak, according to AdExchanger. “Our product, knowledge and experience makes us able to propose something valuable for the Greek market, since they’re observing every euro very carefully.”

When Rigas was asked if breaking into a country during such economic uncertainty is easier or harder for a business, he answered:

It’s easier. Every client is interested in spending money in the online marketing area. It’s actually easier to approach them and to present how the RTB system works. One of the biggest advantages on our side is that the most important thing for [prospective clients] is our product is based on performance marketing – you pay only for what you get.

RTB House, which expanded into Greece three years ago, has 25 companies they are working with, via direct and indirect lines. The main verticals they target are fashion and electronics.

How does selling to the Greek markets differ than other countries? Mikolajczak replied: “The decision-making process lasts a long time. Greece needs to spend time on decisions. Many coffees. Many meetings.”

Rigas pointed out: “The hands-on approach of the owners is much larger than other countries. The investors and owners want to take care of their investments more carefully and see where the money is spent. You need to know the market very well, and know the right time to approach with all of the events going on here. So it’s tricky.”

Rigas has an optimistic view of the slow recovery Greece will be going through. “We see a clear prospect for Greece and this means it’s slowly coming to the point where people are starting to relax from the stress and think about the next steps.”

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