B2B News for Friday, April 16: Fighting Screen Fatigue with Better Animated Videos for Business, Digital Wigs for Virtual Meetings & Gamified Sales Coaching

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the past 13 months of shutting our cameras off during virtual meetings, it’s that we all want to been seen less on and watch more cartoons. Vyond, the animation software company for business has raised $50 million US to capitalize further on the demand for its product […]

B2B News for Wednesday, April 7, 2021: Questions about Home Office Productivity, Tax Planning & Oil and Gas meet Vertical Grow Ops in Proposed Acquisition

Questions, so many questions. Like, is pandemic hiring in “equity-focused” organizations even less honest an honest proposition when they demand potentials have access to a private room with a door that closes and ergonomically-designed chairs? Does no one respect the amazing concentration of the single parent who can write columns from the comfort of her […]

OP-ED: Mohamad Fakih: Third wave in Ontario leaves us all vulnerable

(Note: This post was originally a Twitter thread on April 1.)  https://twitter.com/mohamadfakih8/status/1377740506298511361?s=21   A few thoughts on the Ford government’s latest attempt to get control of the third wave which is already worse than the first two despite what should have been learned over the last year.  The primary objective of the government, and of […]

How full-stack observability with business context can reduce IT complexity

  When the global pandemic took hold, companies had no choice but to pivot to remote work and digital-first business models to withstand the impact of COVID-19. Now, one year later, we’re seeing the unintended consequences of rapid digital transformation and focus on business continuity – the pressure on technologists has reached a boiling point […]

B2B News for Friday, April 2, 2021: a B2B Testing Solution Acquisition, a COVID Relief Partnership for SMEs and Low Bandwidth Meetings

Holi, Passover, Easter and Ramadan are all meaningful events in the calendar we traditionally share with family, friends and our religious communities. However, thanks to COVID-19, the last week and the next month of observances represent a selection of potential super-spreader events. So, to keep you at home and out of the virus’ way, we […]

B2B News for Wednesday, March 31, 2021: Colocation Sell-Offs, Procurement Platform Partnerships and a New Rosie the Riveter for the She-cession

We’ve got news from the data centre, more from procurement platforms and some from the world of feminist business. The Toronto-based Aptum is changing. The company is selling its Canadian colocation business to eStruxture. “We are excited to complete the sale of our Canadian colocation business. Today’s announcement showcases our commitment to grow and enhance […]

B2B News for Wednesday, March 24, 2021: Market Bubbles and Crashes, Electronic Vehicles in Logistics, Awards for Sustaining the Fresh Food Supply Chain

A new model for predicting stock market bubbles and crashes is emerging. A team of researchers from a dozen international institutions focused on mathematics, physics, economics, and complex systems have developed a system using geometry to characterize stock market instability. The paper, Network Geometry and Market Instability, outlines functional structures of the higher-order architecture of […]

Digital 360: Amazon Business surpasses $25B in annualized sales

  E-commerce B2B juggernaut Amazon Business has surpassed $25B in worldwide annualized gross merchandise sales, approximately half of which are from third-party sellers. The B2B portion of Amazon is on track to rival its B2C component in terms of sales, providing significant opportunities for third-party B2C retailers. While it took seven years for Amazon’s consumer […]

B2B News for Friday, March 19 2021: Shop-Lifting Prevention, Call Centre Tech, and Mobile Industrial Filters

The latest B2B offerings include more products to act as deterrents to shop-lifting. VIRA Insights launched customizable variations of its retail solutions that were originally designed for cosmetics counters. Now the anti-sweep peg hooks, an adjustable metal lockbox with polycarbonate door, and high-end glass or plastic separators can be applied to any kind of merchandise. […]

B2B News for Friday, March 12: ABM Appointments, Silo-Breaking Data Platforms & a Dragging Economy Explained

The weekend is coming up fast, so today’s headlines are light on humor and heavy on factoids. Today’s Friday Fact comes from Provoke Insight’s B2B News: 2021 Brand Equity and Trends Report. “Companies are investing in building their brands and are prioritizing this over sales. Across the board, online marketing initiatives are now providing the […]

B2B News for Wednesday, 10 March, 2021: Parking Platforms, Tent Pitching Platforms and Other PaaS Solutions

Whether you’re parking your car or pitching your tent, the platform is the same. Well, the technology solutions platform. The B2B parking technology provider ParkHub Bonfire yesterday. Bonfire is a campground management platform. Bonfire’s CEO, Jerry King, has been brought onto the company’s team to help direct the acquisition’s expansion. “While our end-markets may look different, […]