B2B News for Monday, January 20, 2021

The calendar might read 2021, but the business drama often looks like 1821. Mining, farming, lumber and all the other primary industries of colonial economies have been acquisition crazy of late. This time, it is the troubled diamond mines still hurting from girls finally having the voice to say they’ve wanted real best friends instead […]

More than Half of Cloud Services Used at only a Basic or Intermediate Level

99% of IT professionals believe cloud services are essential to the success of their business. Nevertheless, performance concerns remain evident. To identify common drivers and obstacles impacting organizations undergoing cloud transformation, Aptum, the global hybrid multi-cloud and managed service provider, released part one of its four-part Cloud Impact Study, titled Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap. […]

B2B News for Monday, January 18, 2021

The business news writing lexicon has changed during the pandemic. Disruptions have been replaced by “strategic pivots.” The term “industry consolidation” no longer seems as apt as “aggressive expansion” or the even more popular descriptor “unprecedented diversification.” Like all reporting, the B2B News is fact-based and, in this column, deals only with actual events. Events […]

The top 3 skills business leaders need to prioritize in 2021

  The COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in many business strategies, particularly around their ability to respond to a changing business landscape with resilience. In hindsight, it’s clear that the biggest challenge for organizations was a massive digital shift as remote work became essential to conduct business safely. Business leaders never saw it coming, or at […]

(More) B2B News for Dec 11: Square’s new offering for salons

B2B Mergers and Acquisitions, Product Launches and Appointments Report for December 12, 2020 Artificial Intelligence Powers Communications Dashboard. The UK-based Signal AI launched a Dashboards product for its artificial intelligence based communications tools. The newly launched tool compares a company’s media mentions and presence with its competitors while indexing risks and opportunities in real time. […]

Study: Basic Income program would create 600,000 jobs in Canada

A report shows #BasicIncome can speed up Canada’s recovery & grow the economy sustainably. The report, which will be presented during a webinar on Saturday December 12, outlines the following anticipated results from a national basic income program:  $80B/yr in GDP 600K jobs $15B/yr business investments to expand/hire $32B/yr in total wages 3.2M families out […]

Polarized? Study finds nearly 75% of 🇨🇦 Canadians seek common ground

New social harmony index finds nearly 75% of Canadians seek common ground -Study highlights national core values relate to social focus over individual focus-   Contrary to the perception of growing national polarization, and just in time for the season of peace and goodwill—the first annual Canadian Social Harmony Index™ has benchmarked Canadians’ willingness to […]

Greentec CEO Perrotta: Why we’re partnering with Glentel

In the fight to reduce climate change, Canadian mobile phone retailer Glentel Inc. announces partnership with Cambridge-based recycler Greentec, to responsibly dispose of old phones across Canada This year alone, 31 million Canadians are in possession of a smartphone, meaning half of these individuals are likely to be in the market for a new device. […]

HP: Cyber-attacks set to become more targeted in 2021

  Cybersecurity predictions for 2021 show the ripple effect of COVID-19 is likely to continue, leading to a rise in thread hijacking, whaling and human-operated ransomware HP today released its 2021 predictions on how security threats – such as human-operated ransomware, thread hijacking, unintentional insider threats, business email compromise and whaling attacks – are set […]

Latest B2B News: Actifio, Shoprunner, Gardaworld consolidation

B2B News: Mergers and Acquisitions Report for December 4, 2020 Google has acquired Actifio. Actifio is a developer of data backup and disaster recovery (DR). Virtual copies of data in their original format can be managed scenarios like development and testing. The purchase is a demonstration of Google Cloud’s plan to assist enterprises in protecting […]

Crabbier coworkers during the pandemic? Here are some experts’ solutions.

Work-Based Conflict during Covid-19:  Two Experts Weigh in on the Causes and the Solutions   In 2020 even workplace conflict has gone remote. Connecting to our workplaces from our home offices has done nothing to reduce workplace conflict. As a result conflict resolution and mediation consultants are seeing an uptick in the number of enterprises […]

Brightpearl’s digital operations platform to enable Shopify

Brightpearl is today announcing it will power the growth of Shopify’s recently launched collection of retail hardware, which includes a redesigned Tap & Chip Reader, as well as the Dock and Retail Stand, to offer a more comprehensive solution for brick-and-mortar retailers. Shopify is now employing Brightpearl’s retailer-first digital operations platform to automate and support the fulfillment and distribution of new hardware […]

B2B News for December 3: Salesforce + Slack, Intelsat; MiddleGround Capital

Salesforce will acquire Slack for $27.7 billion. Slack shareholders will be paid $26.79 in cash and 0.0776 shares of Salesforce common stock for each of their shares. This represents an enterprise value of approximately $27.7 billion in consideration of Salesforce’s common stock price at closing on November 30, 2020. Media report: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/01/technology/salesforce-slack-deal.html Salesforce press release: […]