Part 2: Saving Lives, Saving Money: A New Perspective on ODSP

By P. Robinson Click here to see part one of our ODSP-reform series Ontario has the opportunity to realize significant long-term savings in healthcare funding, improve health and health equity, reduce bureaucracy, and advance Reconciliation – all through the Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP).  By investing directly in Ontarians, a more productive, economically sound, and […]

B2B News for Wednesday, August 4, 2021: Dog DNA, the Gig Economy, Social Good Platforms

Let’s not kid ourselves. Between pet supply production, logistics and marketing alone, dogs represent a huge business opportunity. Puppy love goes well beyond acknowledging that biodegradable poop bags are much less expensive – and less environmentally devastating — than disposable diapers for human babies. Not surprisingly, everyone wants to know more about their fur babies. […]

B2B News for Friday, July 30, 2021: Canada Wins Robotics World Cup, Automotive Acquisition & the Life Insurance Industry at Pandemic’s End

Hopes for Canada’s future as an AI innovation centre are shining more brightly this week. The Dalhousie University robotics team, CYRUS, became the first Canadian team to win the international RoboCup competition. The competition is the robotics World Cup of soccer simulations. The Dalhousie team is led by research assistant Nader Zare and PhD student Mahtab Sarvmaili. The […]

B2B News for Wednesday, July 28, 2021: Psychological Safety at Work, Clean Water & Entrepreneurs Listen to Reviews

Psychological safety in the workplace means being able to talk about what isn’t working. As part of that openness, leadership has to welcome criticism as part being accountable. According to the Centre for Creative Leadership, psychological safety in the workplace helps organizations to prevent failure and fully the leverage its talents’ full strength. “People need […]

Why Application Virtualization Will Save Your IT Department Time and Money

A large number of organizations have dedicated their physical servers to a certain application, making them (the servers) use minimal resources when running the application. However, this is a poor mechanism of server management because it leaves a lot of resources without being used, something that increases IT as well as operational costs.    Organizations […]

B2B News for Friday, July 16, 2021: Integrate Appointment, Commvault & SoftwareONE Partnership, ServiceNow Upgrades Support Hybrid Workplaces

Variants are for viruses. Today, we are going old school stability with no need for a booster. This news roundup is all appointments and announcements. Remember, viruses can’t mutate if they can’t spread. Ideas, though, just become trends, so just keep those video conferences in your calendar for now. Pheonix-based PDM tool Integrate, has appointed […]

Three Ways to Remove Friction from Your Ecommerce Experience

By Mike Leibovitz Now that we’re well into the recovery phase of the pandemic, it’s worth stepping back and looking at what impact this period of turbulence has had on organizations that rapidly scaled their B2B ecommerce operations. The explosion in ecommerce innovation and access to new delivery offerings means it’s never been easier for […]

Best Hardware Wallets of 2021

Investing in cryptocurrency isn’t a walk-in-the-pack if you don’t have the best hardware wallet. Experienced investors have an easy pick on this, but first-timers need a guide. Though volatile, cryptocurrency seems to be the order of the day for investors in the blockchain. Are you contemplating cryptocurrency? Here is what you should know about hardware […]

The Different Tactics That B2B Marketers Have to Use for Success

B2B marketing is a very different animal than B2C marketing. B2B marketing involves marketing things that other businesses need, while B2C marketing requires marketing things that consumers can buy. B2B buyers are generally more concerned about the reliability of their products and the quality of service. Therefore, B2B marketers will need to utilize different tactics […]

B2B News for Wednesday, July 14, 2021: Bad Looks for the Rich, Vancouver Vegan Food & Remote-Work Proof Real Estate

Columnists seldom give advice to the ultra riche who could crush them. Still, I’m willing to risk telling the private-jet set that starving your workforce’s countries of the taxes that fund healthcare and education is a really bad look. It’s a view, new research says, that is shared beyond the sphere of the justifiably judgmental […]