Infographic: Tips on developing trust with your content marketing campaigns

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A new infographic from Insights In Marketing looks at the importance of developing client trust via your content marketing strategy.

We all know how important content can be to promote your B2B firm and enrich the buyer journey, beyond simply promoting your products and services. But how can you build customer loyalty with editorial content that is both educational and business-friendly?

The infogaphic below is chock full of key stats, such as:

  • 92 percent of consumers want to do business with companies with similar values as them
  • 74 percent of customers will trust editorial content if it’s educational without being advertorial.
  •  69 percent find organically shared content more trustworthy than an ad.
  • 1 in 3 B2B marketers say their content too closely represents a sales pitch

See the full infographic below:


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