B2B Inspiration: Challenging norms with Jeremy Miller

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What do Starbucks, Nike, Apple, Coke and Disney have in common?

They all come to mind as recognizable and memorable brands, but there are far more, and they exist in every industry.

According to brand builder and keynote speaker Jeremy Miller, it’s not just big companies that can become ubiquitous, and it’s not altogether inconceivable that your company could be one of them. Any business willing to challenge industry norms and find innovative ways to serve its customers can make that leap into becoming what Miller calls a ‘sticky brand.’

Sticky brands inspire, earn more, attract more customers and sell more (and sell it faster).

Miller should know. In addition to successfully rebranding – and revitalizing – his family’s IT staffing company, he’s spent a decade immersed in the world of marketing, branding and business development, interviewing thousands of CEOs and business owners and profiling hundreds of companies across dozens of sectors. The years of work and resulting knowledge have culminated in a bestselling book, aptly entitled Sticky Branding.

Miller describes the book as “a branding playbook for companies with a marketing budget, but not a vast one.

“It provides practical, actionable ideas to make your business stand out, attract customers, and grow into an incredible brand,” Miller told B2B News Network.

Beneficial for anyone working in B2B, the book states that the principles of sticky branding are closely aligned with B2B marketing and sales. “You will learn how to position your brand, how to make it stand out in a cluttered market, and how to measure brand performance through sales metrics,” he said.

Miller works with companies to develop branding and marketing strategies that make them stand out and drive sales. He’s seen a lot, and has advice for those in B2B.

“Keep moving,” he said. “The B2B marketing landscape is shifting rapidly. The marketing strategies that worked in 2012 aren’t translating very well to 2016. The B2B companies that are the most successful today are constantly innovating and iterating. Their brand guides them and helps them navigate an ever changing competitive landscape.”

To win a copy of Sticky Branding, follow us on Twitter @B2BNewsNetwork and tell us the business motto you live by, and include the hashtag #B2BInspiration. Contest closes on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 11:59 PM ET.

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