Ransomware: Be ready for the growing threat

By Darren Yablonski The risks to business continuity have had many faces: malicious insiders, accidental deletion, and natural disasters to name a few. Today, the face of the enemy has changed. Ransomware is on the rise, making it the new top threat for organizations of all sizes. And as technological innovation grows, the threat posed by ransomware increases as well. Ransomware is consistently […]

Business Leaders Can No Longer Ignore Disability on the Inclusion Agenda

By Caroline Casey We’re at an incredible moment in time where disability is changing the future of work more than ever before, and business leaders can no longer walk away from this issue.  Putting disability inclusion on their corporate agenda is one of the most important things a business leader can do, because business is the most powerful force on the planet.  Disability has always been “the […]

How To Manage Cybersecurity Threats Caused By Employees: A Guide For Remote Companies

Despite the conscious efforts of business owners to implement robust cybersecurity measures within their organization, there may be cases wherein data breaches could still happen. For instance, this could be due to human error or mistakes made by your employees. This can be critical since your team members should be the company’s first line of […]

The evolving role of security teams in UX innovation

By Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Today, in order to generate value for businesses and their customers, applications must be increasingly robust to ensure a satisfying user experience and minimize bad interfaces that generate mistrust or question the way their data is handled. In this age of immediacy, users are eliminating deficient applications from […]

Enabling business change through marketing automation/technology

Jill M. Speirs, President and CEO of M2 Partners, explains how successful marketing technology implementations have tostart with a new approach to procurement Companies have been investing in marketing technology for more than three decades. On the positive side such technology has helped businesses become more customer-centric and efficient. However, despite progress, organizations still face three key challenges. Marketing data is disparate and not consolidated […]

5 Ways Regulatory Compliance Improves Your Business

Source In today’s world, staying compliant is no longer an option. Especially since organizations are managing their operations remotely, governance bodies are getting more strict about following laws and guidelines. Failing to adhere to the regulations imposes hefty fines on organizations—small businesses or big enterprises. Here’s a thought—regulatory compliance isn’t as ‘brutal’ as it seems. […]

Removing barriers to data wrangling to let data scientists get down to the science

By Patrick Halpin, Vice President Data Science, 84.51° When data scientists are tasked with building a business solution, the goal is to efficiently develop a solution that’s accurate, reliable, and scalable. But the data science process involves so many steps that they often don’t get to spend enough time on the modeling or algorithmic development portion of the work needed to develop the optimal solution. At 84.51°, we’ve developed tools and resources that help data scientists focus […]

Forget ‘know your customer’ – it’s time for marketers to embrace a new, real-time approach

by Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne For years, ‘know your customer’ has been an essential element for marketers everywhere. But as new eCommerce and social media channels have emerged, marketers have plowed time and investment into gathering as much consumer data as possible – through web history, third-party cookies, and more. All with the aim of […]

Theneo announced as winner of Web Summit’s startup competition, PITCH

Lisbon November 4, 2022 Web Summit, the world’s largest technology event, has declared Theneo, an AI startup from Georgia, the winner of this year’s PITCH competition. PITCH, in partnership with Siemens, is Web Summit’s startup competition, bringing together the world’s leading early-stage startups for a live onstage battle. 105 of the 2,296 startups exhibiting at […]

5 Obstacles to Effective Data Sharing

By Dr. Tim Wagner, Co-founder and CEO, Vendia Most companies today are understandably focused on what happens within their four walls. But if you depend on partners in order to run your business (think shipping, manufacturing, finance processes, etc.), then it’s also vital to think about that portion of your critical business data that’s created outside of your company. Because so […]