April Dunford: My Post Covid Tech Experience

In this new series, we explore how executives, entrepreneurs and other high achievers are navigating a new world of uncertainty, constant change, increased disconnection and isolation, and a new working reality. For most of us, this us the biggest day to day change we’ve ever experienced it. How is tech helping us manage it? How […]

Content is Still King: Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021

2021 is just around the corner, and that means B2B marketers are hard at work analyzing the performance of their current programs to assess what worked and what didn’t this past year. Looking ahead, a few things are for sure—B2B companies are increasing their investments in digital marketing, and the percentage of budget allocated to […]

How To Plan And Deploy Your Enterprise Containerization Strategy

(Image: Kristin Hillary)   There are several comprehensive steps to plan and deploy a successful enterprise containerization strategy. Software containers are standard units that package a code along with all of its dependencies into a sealed ‘container.’ Once sealed inside, these containers can be transferred quickly and efficiently from one operating system to another. With […]

The steps you can take to secure your crypto wallet for B2B payments

The steps you can take to secure your crypto wallet for B2B payments

Cryptocurrencies have shaken up the digital world, reimagining how businesses can conduct business — it’s a new global payment system where payments are speedier and more secure. In a new digital age where electronic payment is becoming widely accepted, cryptocurrencies appear to be an attractive solution for international payments. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the […]

A Legal Solution to Chinese Tariffs

A Legal Solution to Chinese Tariffs

In today’s business world it is not easy being a company that relies on Chinese imports. Chinese tariffs have dramatically increased in the past few years and remarkably so in the past year due to President Trump’s trade-war tariffs. These increased costs are putting immense pressure on many e-commerce companies. The good news is that […]

The Future of Telemedicine and e-Health: Trends and Forecasts

The Future of Telemedicine and e-Health: Trends and Forecasts

As the healthcare industry gets its share of technological trends and transformation, all doctors, providers, and patients get to access new benefits. One of the areas with a promising future is telemedicine. Telemedicine will play a vital role in improving healthcare via remote delivery of medical services in the coming years. Telemedicine will also help […]

Harness the Power of Data Visualization for Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

Quality data is the backbone of a strong B2B marketing campaign. But most people struggle to take in data via boring spreadsheets, charts, and texts. About 65 percent of people are visual learners, which is why data visualizations are such an important part of marketing campaigns. Graphs featuring bright colors, pie charts, timelines, and other […]

Cybersecurity for Business in the Age of COVID-19

Cybersecurity for Business in the Age of COVID-19

With many companies sending their employees to work from home as the COVID-19 pandemic rages, new security challenges have cropped up. Employers and employees alike have to be extra vigilant about security and privacy when working from home, and the COVID-19 crisis has spurred an unprecedented social engineering attack of historic proportions, according to Computer […]

Text vs Email

Texting vs. Email: How B2B Marketers Should Approach Engagement Differently

By Justin Scarborough, Programmatic Media Director at PMG Consumers are gravitating toward faster communication, with an increasing number of tools in the workplace (and daily life) sending short, push-style notifications. As such, marketers are recognizing the opportunity this presents to expedite conversations with existing and prospective B2B customers. While these new approaches can take different […]


Experience moves to the cloud: Adobe migrates its CX platform

Digital transformation is so pervasive an undertaking right now, even the platforms supporting them are in the process of transformation. That includes Adobe’s Experience Manager, essentially a collection of microservices around digital assets and content interactions.  The idea of CX is that these interactions when viewed en masse start to show customer behavior patterns, which […]

Keys to Sales Success: Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

In recent years, content campaigns have emerged as essential components of marketing strategies that support B2B sales. Indeed, CMI and MarketingProf’s North American benchmark report for 2019 cited content creation as a growing concern for marketers, with a full 56% of surveyed marketing professionals reporting major content creation budget hikes over the last year. Similarly, […]