Fundamental Steps to Clear Communication Channels With Customers

In any business, having strong communication channels with customers is essential in building trust and loyalty. Whether it’s through a customer service telephone line or online support system, being able to clearly communicate updates and resolutions on customer inquiries can make all the difference in creating positive experiences for customers. Here are some foundational steps […]

Technologists now need two essentials – AI and automation 

Technologists need two essentials – AI and automation – to manage application security across expanded attack surfaces Joe Byrne, CTO Advisor, Cisco AppDynamics Within IT departments across the world, there is growing concern about the threat of cybersecurity attacks. Much of this concern is focused specifically around application security. In the latest research from Cisco AppDynamics, The shift […]

How to Target Influencers in the B2B Buyer Journey

Beyond Decision-Makers: Why and How to Target Influencers in the B2B Buyer Journey

By Michael Skladony, GM of Consumer Services at Semcasting  The majority of B2B buyers (59%) report that there are more than three stakeholders involved in their purchase process, and a quarter involve seven or more individuals. In a world where we’ve seen massive technological innovation, the decline of legacy behavioral targeting approaches and the rise […]

Technologists must move beyond IT firefighting to deliver on Industry 4.0 goals

By Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Whether they use the term ‘Industry 4.0’ or not, there is no denying that manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are looking to integrate cutting edge technologies in order to build smarter factories, embrace new business models and streamline operations. The World Economic Forum’s 2022 ‘Global Smart Industry […]

Shopping Behaviors That Will Dominate 2023

Three tactics for retailers to meet consumers’ love of savings and personalization this Valentine’s Day  By: Sarah Kirk-Douglas, Vice President of Marketing at Pivotree Savvy shoppers have their sights set on an exciting year — starting with plans for Valentine’s Day spending. As the holiday approaches, it’s the perfect time to uncover what trends will dominate shopping behaviors in 2023.  Despite […]

Putting your customer at the center of the universe with E-Commerce 3.0 

By Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and Founder of StoreConnect In the 16th Century, Nicolaus Copernicus challenged the long-held view that the Earth was the center of the universe. He knew he would get opposition from scientists and religious scholars, so he waited until the year of his death to publish. It would still take more than a century […]

Three steps to take back control of your SAP landscape

By Joe Byrne, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics Businesses in all sectors rely on SAP to bring together data from across functions in order to seamlessly plan, allocate, and deploy resources across complex supply chains. Numerous business applications depend entirely on SAP to fulfill their purpose to end users, from the frontend — such as e-commerce […]

Why Robotics Are Stuck in Neutral Without the Right Intelligent Human Labor Management Solution

By Mike Babiak, Longbow Advantage Throughout the industrial world and across every continent, businesses are making significant investments in robotics and automation. According to the McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey, automated systems will account for 25% of capital spending over the next five years1. Many of these businesses believe robotics-driven automation systems will drive major benefits in output quality, efficiency, and uptime.  That being said, there are […]

Today, visibility of Kubernetes environments is necessary to enhance digital experiences

Due to the accelerated adoption of cloud-native technologies in the last years, organizations have boosted their ability to scale applications at high speed and deliver breakthrough innovations, organizations have exploded in their ability to scale applications at high speed and deliver breakthrough innovations. This shift has also dramatically increased the complexity of their application topology, […]

How Rising Fuel Prices are Forcing Logistics Companies to Adjust B2B Deliveries

By Anar Mammadov, CEO — Senpex There was a season when it appeared that businesses could stop worrying about fuel prices; then, the season passed. As recent headlines have reported, gas prices in the US are once again on the rise. While rising gas prices impact virtually every segment of the business world, B2B logistics companies are affected more than most […]

Three Trends That Will Shape the Tech Industry in 2023

By Mick Cannon and Sean Ryan, Principals, Alexander Group, New York 2022 was an eventful year for the tech industry, with challenges that ranged from inflation rates that dominated news cycles to mass layoffs at blue chip companies. With looming economic uncertainty, in 2023, B2B tech will be forced to reckon with the results of the growth-first focus that has hallmarked […]

The future of work: how to support remote and hybrid teams

By Michelle Micuda, president, Staples Professional The pandemic has completely upended the way Canadians approach work – where it takes place, how we meet, when we log on, and off – and much more. In partnership with Angus Reid Group, Staples Professional surveyed office employees and senior decision-makers at businesses of all sizes across Canada to better understand the […]