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Launching a Tech Startup? Here Are Ways to Find a Partner

Last updated on December 31st, 2021 at 04:17 pm

Launching a tech startup can be really exciting, and it can also be fun if you really enjoy what you are doing and you are looking forward to running your own business and being your own boss. But if you are in search of a business partner who will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness, you might find yourself feeling quite stressed over the whole process. 

What are some ways to look for a business partner who will be right for you? Check out our tips below to get started. 

First, Know What You Want Out of a Partner

Before you can start your search for a business partner, you need to know what you want the person to be able to do alongside you. Think about where you excel and where you fall short so you will know what strengths your partner will need to have to best balance your abilities. Write down where you want your business to go in a year, five years, 10 years, etc., and how you expect a business partner to support you along the way. It’s all about knowing what to look for in another person so you can make the right decision. 

Post to Your Social Media Pages

If you are like most people, you have a solid presence on social media, and you might also have a few different profiles on various platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn. Well, you can take advantage of the networks that you have formed on those platforms by simply posting about your hope to find a reliable person with whom you can go into business. 

You might need to post about this topic more than once, but the goal is to spread the word. Who knows, you might already be connected with someone who would make the ideal partner for your tech startup, and your dream partner might even be a friend, coworker, or family member! 

Attend Local Networking Events and Business Events

In addition to networking online, you can also take steps to network in person by attending relevant events that are held in your area. There might be events specifically designed for meeting new people in your industry. Or you might discover that a trade show is coming up, during which you might be able to connect with talented people who would be interested in going into business with you. 

Final Tip: Always Run a Background Check Before Hiring Someone

Even if you have spoken to someone quite a bit and gotten to know them better, and they seem like a great fit for your tech startup, it is still a good idea to go a step further by running a background check on them. Using Nuwber is an easy way to go about doing so, as you can search for the person’s contact details, as well as get background info like police records and lawsuits, to determine if they are being honest with you about their experience and criminal record. In the event that you realize someone isn’t being upfront with you, you can stop before moving forward and going into business with them. 

Bottom line: finding a business partner for any type of business can be difficult, but with a plan in place, you might find someone before you know it. 


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